You asked me repeatedly last year if we can fast TOGETHER, but I wasn’t ready. Now, I’m ready, so I can invite YOU to dry fast with me starting on 3-11-22 with the first check in being 5 am EST via livestream. We will set fasting intentions, pray together, and I’ll explain what you can expect. You’ll see what I look like so that you can watch how my skin, body shape, face, eyes – all will change during the 4-day dry fast. I am not a doctor and can’t give medical advice. I am a dry fasting practitioner with years of practical experience in dry fast. That being said, if YOU choose to dry fast with me, the consequences are your responsibility. Dry fasting is NOT for everyone, so make sure you read to know science, as well as the dos and don’t of fasting for spiritual benefits. Embarking on this spiritual experience with me can cleanse your soul, but it can also stir up old trauma and painful feelings. So, watch the videos below before you decide whether or not you want to do this. I’ll teach you how to fast and pray.


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