Eating For The Wrong Reasons / How to Stop Emotional Eating

Something I hear online almost every day is “Help! I think I am a sugar addict. Or maybe I am an emotional eater?”

In today’s video, I explain how past restriction, whether from dieting or even THINKING about not eating certain foods such as sugar or as much as your body needs can trigger eating past what we are used to (which is normal) AND even eating as if you might never eat again.

There are different kinds of eating. Restrictive eating, Deprivation driven eating, emotional eating, and attuned eating. I am excited that by watching this video, you can begin to learn the difference and how to navigate each for a more peaceful relationship with food and overall more varied nutrition.

During my journey as a somatic dietician, thousands of hours have been spent unpacking the differences and each one has a different strategy that can lead all to what we say we want: Peace with food and weight worries.

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