Incompetence… or corruption? You be the judge. On this harrowing, horrific and riveting series, we connect with Ali Adams who is in the fight of her life to get her daughter, Hazel, back after Family Court traff-icked her to her ped-ophile father who was awarded full custody while Ali is still to this day fighting to have hers and Hazel’s voices heard.

In Part 1 of this trilogy series, we give you the back story and help give context to how Ali went from being a normal girl living a normal life to being a victim. What we need to get better at understanding is the ‘slow drip’ of abuse and how if someone is ‘good’ at abuse, the victim won’t even realize they are being abused… until it’s too late. In Ali’s case, we learn a lot about this very strategic coercive control over time, grooming, psychological abuse and the mental breakdown of ‘mind control’ abusers subject their victims to. Ali’s rawness and vulnerability telling this story isn’t always easy to listen to, but it’s necessary we all take time to educate ourselves on this very misunderstood aspect of abuse. The most horrific part is how common stories like Ali’s and Hazel’s are and how rarely they are heard.

Please take time to listen to this series – it’s an extremely important part of this podcasting project and the follow-up episodes are not to be missed either. Ali will prove to you without a shadow of a doubt her innocence and the true magnitude of horrific abuse her daughter is and has been enduring that we can no longer stay quiet about. NOW IS THE TIME TO GET LOUD – WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE HAPPENING TO OUR CHILDREN!

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