Discussion of Fathers Presence in the Black Community. Understanding co-parenting, roles and impact of relationships of mother and child and its influence in father

Learn basics about counseling , types of therapy , how to know if a therapist is for you, fees , and how confidentiality works in therapy. Should you have a psychologist, social worker, or coach? Ways to help me deal with depression, anxiety. Ways to manage conflict in my relationships. Ways to pay for counseling. #mentalhealth #counseling #therapysession #anxiety #depression #coping #coaching #tameikalawrencephd #drtlawrence #psychologist #CBT #psychotherapytechniques #socialworker #psychotherapy #women #men #blacktherapist #femaletherapist #mindfullness #DBT #outgrow #outgrowyourcomfort #comfort #author

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Book: Outgrow Your Comfort
Learn the steps to identify comfort in your life, and make necessary changes to start living a more fulfilled life. This handy workbook will provide you with a 6 step guide for understanding your behaviors, establishing and accomplishing goals in relationships, careers, health, and finances. You will be pushed to live outside of your comfort, tolerate uncomfortable states of being, and understand your supportive surroundings and their essential contributions to your overall achievement.
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