I often face challenges throughout the day or week that force me to use the tools in my mental health toolbox. This TikTok video is a wonderful example of how I process events.

I had received a mail notification from the postmaster and from Amazon that a package had arrived and was in my mailbox, but when I went to check, NOTHING was there. I could feel my face getting hot immediately and my heart starting to race. I was obviously upset, but had to stand there for a few minutes and just PAUSE. Just BREATHE. My first thought I have learned is usually WRONG or a poor reaction because it is emotional. So I have to switch from that emotional/irrational brain and get into my wise brain. I thought about the what might have occurred and I felt better by the time I got back to my home. A few days later (YES DAYS) I received a notification again that my package re-arrived (weird) and I was able to get it… surprisingly it had been opened and I am assuming delivered to the wrong address. I didn’t stress about the situation though the second time, because I understood mistakes happen and reacted the way I would want someone to react to my mistakes…. with empathy and understanding!