Flashback: Jo Has a Breakthrough in Therapy – Grey's Anatomy


Flashing back to her recent treatment, Jo (Camilla Luddington) finally finds a way to confront her anger and feelings of abandonment, and realizes why she has to work so hard to move past the trauma in her past. Watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ THURSDAY 8|7c on ABC.


  1. chiestramur chitestramurt says

    Still here and hoping for reconciliation with her mom.

  2. Krisstina Wilson says

    I LOVE Jo's face at 0:220:30
    You can tell she's thinking "At least I had that. I may not remember it but a firefighter had me in blanket and there was a crowd around me"


    Jo get pregnant and you will realize how much you do not need your mother. You made it through your entire life without her, don't break yourself down for someone who doesn't care. Alex is a great husband hang unto him.

  4. MsFriendsfan4ever says

    This scene is just so sad. Jo's entire backstory is just so sad. She desveres the world. On a sidenote, can we please have more of Carly.

  5. Marti mills says

    I love the attention on mental health… I used to be so blasé about it, but really appreciate the importance of the psyche now! I am so glad for the process they are showing…

    Go grey’s!!!

  6. Ayah Alaa says

    I know this is off topic but I really love the sweatshirt Jo is wearing, if anyone can tell me from where please.

  7. Hasnida Hashim says

    The doctor’s statement is going to help so many people to open their mind…I like how she reminded Jo about the love surrounding her. Sometimes we focus so much on negativity and forgot the other great things we have. Lots of love and May God bless everyone… 💕💕

  8. Michelle Watson says

    What real emotions

  9. rikki evans says

    Song is Silhouette by Unions

  10. Wendy Brown says

    Racheal Bay Jones!!!!!! She is from broadways Dear Evan Hanson! She is awesome!

  11. Deema Nagd says

    It's great how they are showing the journey of healing and mental health techniques

  12. Mia says

    This is hard, because can you blame the birth mother??

  13. Maniii Alsh says

    The song? I need the name of this song 💔😭

  14. Normei Hidalgo-Monterroso says

    Song please

  15. Amy Dugdale says

    Camilla luddington deserves all the awards to exist

  16. Really powerful!!!

  17. McKenzie Gordon says

    the music was soooo loud for this scene

  18. JesseJBDL says

    This escene alone deserves an Emmy… WOW.

  19. Pia Tuomainen says

    I'm so proud of Jo! She's been through SO MUCH. And after almost crumbling entirely here she is, fighting to get back on her feet. Also, thank you writing team, for portraying therapy in a positive light! It's important to remind that there ARE people who CAN help in times of struggling. (And that it's okay to need help.) 🙂

  20. planet devo says

    Honestly the scenes with Jo in this episode are helping me big time with my own issues. I hated her after the end of last season yet 5 episodes in and she's somehow on my top 5 faves. How TF did they do that lmaooo

  21. coolhellu says

    I like this storyline a lot. Usually therapy is brushed over or even swept under the rug. This is great!

  22. Julia T. says

    What’s the song? 🙂

  23. Kara Johnson says

    Let me not watch this while I’m in a car dealership so I’m not crying in front of everyone😅🤧

  24. Maria says

    I cried in this scene, Jo had a really hard time since she spoke to her mom :/ I’m happy that she’s working every day to get better and they showed us this part of her treatment

  25. Anthony says

    Such an incredible scene!

  26. Entimate27 says

    I am happy they are showing this side of pain of being abandoned all reunions are not happy sometimes you have to reopen old wounds to realize you were infected, then clean yourself out and heal

  27. itsmy life says

    give Camilla Luddington all the awards

  28. Sara Martinez says

    Oh Jo💕

  29. Blaze Studios says

    I thought she was 2 weeks old, but now everyone's saying 5 days?

  30. Prsh Y says

    Grey's anatomy women are so strong .

  31. linecaro says

    Yes. I felt it, I understand it

  32. Pedro Rodrigues says

    I love Grey's Anatomy ❤
    Jolex Forever ❤👫🏻

  33. Lance Diaz says

    I loved this so much for her

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