Gestalt Therapy Role-Play – Two-Chair Technique with the Internal Critic

This video features a counseling role-play in which the two-chair technique from gestalt therapy is used to help a client (played by an actress) confront her internal critic regarding an important life decision.


5 thoughts on “Gestalt Therapy Role-Play – Two-Chair Technique with the Internal Critic”

  1. This video is a good demonstration of the two chair technique which is effective for exploring internal conflict. Also demonstrated was the therapist's bringing the client's awareness to her physical realm-pointing out her posture and hand positions. The using of her hands were key in her experience. If she were only aware of her verbal exchange the technique would not have been as effective. Another angle that could've been explored is the choose of words that the client used as the different parts of herself.

  2. Opening the session by asking "How are you doing?" is a tacit invitation for the client to reply "Fine, thank you". This doesn't progress therapy in any way and encourages the client to be glib and incongruent from the start. A more Gestalt/Experiential phrase would be "Where are you at, right now?" or "I wonder what you are experiencing right now?" I'm sorry, this clip really feels like the therapist is trained in another modality and is trying to 'do gestalt' after reading a book.

  3. Again, another helpful and insightful video. I can see how Empty Chair Technique can give
    Instant results. Asking client to reflect on what happened and ensured she was grounded.
    Thank you.

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