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  1. Ericka Miller says

    What book did you recommend?

  2. phoebe lyons says

    i find the underlying emotion i'm experiencing when i get the most irrationally, uncontrollably angry is disappointment. i learned at a young age that managing expectations is something i need to devote constant effort to, but if i do that it feels like i don't have anything to look forward to. i don't know why this is such a recurring thing for me, i'd like it to stop.

  3. David says

    I thought Anger was a secondary emotion. I"m confused.

  4. Levi Matthews says

    A lot of my anger issues appeared due to the fact that nobody that I grew up with really understood my OCD and autism even the ones that we're supposed to understand. Now a lot of times it's easy for me to get angry at everything and all of humanity to the point where all I can think is just slaughtering every person I come across though granted these thoughts have decreased over time.

  5. Belqis Aldimshawy says

    I'm a psychologist with ADHD and Aspie traits. And I love you loads. You're just sooo genuine!

  6. Nolshinguy09 says

    Kati: Explain what your anger is like
    Me: Markiplier throwing chair OH
    MY GOD!!!

  7. Samantha Abbott says

    Hi Katy thank you

  8. Anthony Ramirez says

    Hey Kati. I really needed this video because I was feeling outraged and I needed some help managing my rage. The only thing I would politely disagree on is the primary emotion. I think you meant to say that the hurt would be a primary emotion and the anger would be a secondary emotion. But, other than that, this video was very helpful. Thanks for all you do :0)

  9. Alyson Ryan says

    It depends for me on who I’m angry with. Like with people I don’t know well, I avoid confrontation. When it’s someone I love, or comfortable with, I get in their face, get mad or yell, snap, etc. with my parents? I withdraw, harbor it and hang onto it until I blow up.
    It’s mainly because I’m afraid of being vulnerable, I’m hurt, and overwhelmed or panicked.

  10. Google User says

    hey katie you look like lady from madtv but cuter version:)

  11. Gary Starkey says

    anger isnt the first emotion its the second

  12. Angelica Lloyd says

    When I'm angry I cry and don't talk to anyone and I don't talk to anyone how do I express my self

  13. I get so angry that I smash mugs will hammer and stab a Knife into a wall

  14. Slick Rick says

    Does smoking help?…..

  15. AYDE HIJA DE YHWH says

    Very Good video But you dont need to bring the cursing on the video. You so beautiful and Jesus loves you so much.

  16. elijah valeriano says

    When I get anger a I will punch a brick wall

  17. elijah valeriano says

    My anger is worst I can't not control my anger

  18. Paula Fazzolari says

    #Kati is there a follow up video to this video please?

  19. mandy singh says

    Haha this is a good video 🙂

  20. Lisbett Jubilee says

    I get angry everytime I clean. When I was younger my mom always argued with me about cleaning so now when my husbands says anything about cleaning it’s a major trigger for me

  21. Camryn Elias says

    Hey kati Morton I'm mad tonight and I'm keeping it inside of me I'm mad and everybody in my family is making me mad and I'm keeping it in me because I know why I'm mad my parents think it's my phone my parents are nosy.

  22. TheGr8stManEvr says

    Yeah, i'm the one who's afraid of confrontation.

  23. Ellen B says

    Pew! Kati, your sound effects make everything better 🙂

  24. Charles Malaverparada says

    Anger is a secondary emotion according to Anger Management Essentials Page 4. NAMA/CAMPS
    Anger is often called a secondary emotion because we tend to resort to anger in order to protect ourselves from or cover up other vulnerable feelings. A primary feeling is what is what is felt immediately before we feel anger. … We might first feel afraid, attacked, offended, disrespected, forced, trapped, or pressured.

  25. holiday gamer says

    so glad i found this video. anger is a real problem for me i find hard to keep in check

  26. Camryn Elias says

    Hey kati Morton your videos are helping me I need you to do more new videos

  27. Camryn Elias says

    Hey kati #faq how I express my anger is kicking things in my house throwing things yelling crying slammed the front door

  28. Camryn Elias says

    Hey kati Morton ia'm so angry right now my brother hit me just now and I cant stop being angry

  29. Nora Liliannita says

    what book is she reading from

  30. Camryn Elias says

    Hey Katie Morton ia'm dealing with parent issues we just left the house going somewhere I don't know but ia'm scared can you guide me on anxiety and depression between divorces cam you email me in Gmail it's camrynelias5 thanks Katie Morton.

  31. Camryn Elias says

    I just got angry playing video games with my brother because I got killed in the video game so I got angry and looked up your breathing in and out videos and other helpful videos thanks so much Kati Morton😀

  32. pnuts says

    I was not allowed to get angry or express any negative emotion as a kid. My parents however expressed theirs freely. Assholes.

  33. Jaime Laffoon says

    You and your mom must have a great relationship. If I posted about any disagreement with my mom. Sheeeeesh 😬😬😬😬😬

  34. rosebud011 says

    What should I do when the cause of my anger is that I’m unhappy with my life and feel like I’m stuck? At the moment I can’t do a lot about that, at this point it’s just waiting and hoping for a better place. How do I cope with the pain that comes from that?

  35. Emily Bets says

    Hello. ❤ Can you please make a video about BPD. If person get angry very easily and become impulsive and then come down does it mean he has BPD??????? Please can you explain the difference between BPD and people who get angry (short temper people). I have some people like that in my life and it's very scary.

  36. bill black says

    4:49 was that an anger moment?😂

  37. kerry Irving says

    Thank you for this video. This is so me. I present anger & deal with it in all the 3 ways that you’ve explained ( why is this?) . I agree that I come across angry as a way of protecting myself. . I will try what you said, thank you very much again. I will looked for other videos of your on this

  38. Peter Mononen says

    remember waking up from a blackout after beating up a man and thinking he is gonna Sue if i beat Jim more. he has provoced me a long time before that.

  39. Peter Mononen says

    i just dont feel anger. only sadnes, anxiety and stuff like that. but get furious and violent with many years apart. december getting angry in a normal way a long time ago

  40. weesaldiaper says

    your videos heal me from the inside out

  41. Jukey Keey says

    6:53 gotdamit mom. 😂

  42. Payvi Baby So Damn Crazy says

    Can you do a video on Intermittent Explosive Disorder?

  43. Chunky But Funky 😎 says

    Will Lamictal help my anger? I was prescribed it today, and I've been dealing with violent angry outbursts for months since I kind of triggered my own bipolar by starting to smoke weed. Ever since then I've been extremely angry, I cant control it.

  44. Joanne Chung says

    i think this is great. im having trouble navigating anger issues with myself and my bf. how we react is so differently that it causes more problems

  45. Maite Perez says

    Good video 👍🏼

  46. Saieras says

    Most of the shitty things I've done were desperate attempts to feel like I was in control of my life. Been feeling a lot less angry since I figured that out.

  47. john clhugyugihjbvgbkj says

    Why isn’t anger categorized by itself like Depression is, but only part of other diagnosises? I do all in inventory. Depends on many factors.

  48. a f says

    hi Katy! had a girlfriend who convinced me to go holistic and off my meds for schizophrenia, i quickly lost touch with reality with in 3 weeks. she scammed me for $ during 9 months of delusional nightmare hell. my rage is unbearable at times i smashed two tvs thinking people were talking to me thru them many radios also Thank you for making these videos they really help.

  49. 12345 678910 says

    I ruminate

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