Ask Kati Anything mental health podcast episode 96

Your questions:

1. Hey Kati! How can I start to feel more comfortable sharing things with my therapist? I have been in therapy for a few months now and I still feel like I am holding back. I do trust her and want to be able to open up, but I… 3:49

2. During session there are times when my therapist acknowledges and validates my emotions which I love but I have a hard time tolerating them. I either become very emotional because she has put words to them or… 22:43

3. Any tips for nighttime anxiety? During the day, when I’m at work, I am fine. Virtually no anxiety. I don’t know whether the anxiety is truly less or, since I have a fast paced job, I simply don’t notice it as much, but… 35:04

4. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how aspects of our identity are impacted by therapy! I feel like a completely different person to the one who started therapy, and wondered if there’s any pattern to how… 47:06

5. Is it normal to feel stressed around people who’re fighting? When I hear someone arguing I suddenly start feeling uncomfortable and scared, as if I’m in danger. But in reality I know there’s nothing that can happen to me… 57:53

6. How do I deal with suicide as one of my intrusive thoughts? I’ve dealt with depression, but I’m not suicidal. One of my greatest fears in life is becoming suicidal, so naturally, I have intrusive thoughts about being… 1:05:40

7. Why do so many people want to find reasons for why you are the way you are instead of just accepting you as you are? I was raped as a teenager, and I hate telling people this because they automatically think… 1:15:23

8. I don’t know how to tell my new therapist about everything I’m struggling with, because it seems so overwhelming that I don’t know where to start. We did the initial appointment & although I didn’t have a problem opening up… 1:20:06

9. HAPPY 2022 Kati, Sean and Roxy. I’ve been relapsing back into ED over Christmas. More purging, restricting etc. How can I break back out of the cycle before I get back in deep again? 1:25:23

10. I have a question about rational and irrational fear. In Summer I started my first year at uni and while I was very aware of the potentially unhealthy stress I’d get into, (unfortunately I think nowadays that’s almost a given when you start studying), it doesn’t make stress, anxiety and worry any easier to deal with. 1:29:30

Time stamps courtesy of Riley 🙂

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