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Q&A Tumblr Tuesday with Kati Morton – via YouTube Capture Termination with a therapist — What to expect
2) Can you get an appointment with me or a skype session
3) How do I tell my parents
4) What if I am overweight and I want help for an eating disorder
5) I am suicidal, what do I do?Kati Morton, MFTI
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  1. Legend1000l says

    I wonder how can you see a therapist without paying because my parents don’t believe me and my school doesn’t even have a counselor

  2. Liz zy says

    Haha "Hey mom sometimes I purge and cut myself. I also starve for days on end. So yeah I would like to talk to a therapist"

  3. The Voicing Llama says

    Today I finally told my dad and my stepmother that I need a therapist for my anxiety and my depression. Before I told them anything I was having a panic attack at there closed door for about 15 minutes because I was scared of how they would react. I was scared of my past events creeping up and also becoming my future events. Luckily, they responded well to what I told them.

  4. roxanne abigail says

    How do I get help from a therapist without telling my parents?

  5. LynΓ©a the potato says

    I said I want to go to a therapist i told my mom and she's like why can't u talk to me then she gets all crotchety

  6. Sophie Paton says

    Savannah Ashley I feel the same way I don't know how to tell anyone cos I am scared and I don't know what to do because u can only tell someone once and I don't know what I would do if it went wrong or if they just thought it was a joke and I have thought about hurting myself before but I don't know why but I just can't do it for some reason I don't if I'm scared or something (once I even got a knife and held it against me but I couldn't do it )
    Kati if you have seen this I really don't know what to do I have no one to talk to and I have no support I am alone and I want you to know that you have helped me soooooooooo much and I think you are the best xxxxxxxx

  7. Savannah R Ashley says

    Hi Katie,
    A couple of days ago I tried to kill myself. But It was in the middle of the night so no one even knows what happened. I wanna tell someone but I don't know who I would tell or how I would even start a conversation like that. What should I do?

  8. Emma Irwin says

    I tried to tell my parents about my problems and asked if i could see someone and they just ignored me and everythings just getting worse and worse and worse and i dont know what to do anymore. Anyone got any tips?

  9. Emily S says

    If you're going into treatment, remember that it's FAR easier to do the work there (like restabilizing your eating, weight gain if you need it, therapy, etc), so make the most of it! It's such an amazing opportunity and you shouldn't take it for granted. I'd also say to work a LOT on relapse prevention while there, and prepare for the worst when you get out. Remember again, things are MUCH easier in treatment, so don't expect a smooth transition home (but try to make it as smooth as possible!)

  10. Kelsey Tveter says

    When I was wrapping up with one of my past therapists, I asked her to write down the progress I had made or ways I had grown during the time she had known me. This helped me get a perspective that I wasn't aware of, or might not always have heard when my therapist pointed them out to me. I got the idea to do this after she asked me to bring a list of things she had done that had been either helpful or not helpful. She even brought it to her DBT consultation group and had other people add to it!

  11. Kelsey Tveter says

    When I was wrapping up with one of my past therapists, I asked her to write down the progress I had made or ways I had grown during the time she had known me – both concerning things we'd worked on and things about me as a person. This helped me to get a perspective that I wasn't aware of, or might not always have heard when my therapist pointed them out to me. I got the idea to do this after she asked me to bring a list of things she had done that had been either helpful or not helpful. (1/2)

  12. Rebekah says

    My last session was a reflection of how far I had come. We would talk about it weeks in advance and it wasn't as bad as I thought. No

  13. DestinySomeone says

    lol youtube capture suck IT'S THE WORST APP EVER!!!!

  14. Thomas McCabe says

    Im adicted to your videos

  15. Jenny M says

    kati you're right, you're never ready for treatment. This is my second time going into treatment but it's always worth it. You end up learning coping skills and for me it was refreshing me on coping skills that i have learned last year. You meet people who are going through similar things. You get close to that and you end up no longer feeling alone. I'm in contact with two new people that i met when i was in Partial Hospitalization. I was dishcarged from PH on the 7th and entered IOP

  16. helen a says

    Thanks 4 answering the termination question.. it made me think some more, & I realise how many times I've said I need proper closure on relationships.. the kind where I'm satisfied & therefore feel i can move on. I've said this so many times 2 my therapist with regards to termination of OTHER relationships, & how it felt, so I think she's trained enough to have built up an idea for terminating with HER. Obviously its a two way thing, but I realise I have reason to trust her to do things right:)

  17. QueenFoxy says

    The first therapist I had suddenly moved out of town and started working with something else… This was when I was at my worst and I really needed help, and it took about 3 months before I got someone else. She is really nice, but I don't feel like telling her as much as I do to the other adults I speak with at school. I'm just scared of the reactions and concecuences, I think πŸ™ Really wish I had someone to talk to about my depression πŸ™

  18. Eloise Eighteen says

    …your teeth are different. Are they realisitic things? It is more and more common to have braces as an adult now.
    Look at why you feel ugly and what has led to you thinking that (bearing in mind it isn't a fact!) your perspective of yourself has to change (therapy, workbooks etc?) not your body πŸ™‚ x

  19. Eloise Eighteen says

    I know I'm not Kati but… teeth aren't just about looks, they affect speech and your ability to keep gums and teeth healthy. Try not to think about what other people say, it is your body, you live in it everyday and there are practical reasons for changing your overbite etc. In terms of any 'cosmetic' surgery if people think that x surgery/ treatment will drastically change how they feel about themselves that is the wrong foot to start on. Make a list of what you think will be different when ..

  20. Chelsea W. says

    Ive never really had a good termination experience. Most the time the therapist says I'm too hard to handle & refers me to someone else. Ive had like 14 therapists within 8 years. But anyways the therapist will tell me that & thats how it ended. One told me she was moving & that would be our last session & we only had about 30 minutes to talk about it. But ya its really sucked!!! I finally got started with another one and I hope she wont leave or give up on me as well. But thats my experience…

  21. Liz K says

    Hey Kati!

    I feel like there is literally a war in my head, on side saying restrict and binge and whatever and the other side says be healthy be happy. Its like one day im okay the next i am not and the next im okay and so on. I don't think i want to go back to therapy because I always try to make myself as sick as possible so the therapist knows there is something wrong. I just feel like it makes me try to be sicker. Do you think I could recover on my own. I'm not sure if I want to either.

  22. Remy F says

    (2/2) with my peer counselor, it was definitely something we had talked about for at least a month or more before I graduated. The second to last session I thought was going to be my last and it was full of tears for both of us. I painted her a picture and she loved it! I ended up seeing her the next week and we were able to end on a good note. Everyone in the office loved my painting and wanted to hang it in the lobby! So it was good to have a crying sesh but later have it end on a good note.

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