How Music Helps With Depression


We all deal with depression at one time or another, so we know how it can interfer with things you want to do, but we get over it. Some people however, have a tougher time with it and it can make life miserable. There is all types of therapy that can help with depression and one is music.

Music is quite powerful, we all know that because of the feelings that it can invoke when we listen to our favorite music. Professionals have discovered that there are several different ways that music can help people with depression.

Music Helps People Work Through Their Problems

If you are suffering from depression it’s a good idea to turn on some music and let it flow. Listen to the words and the notes they can reach down inside of you and help you start to think through your problems. Some music might even make you cry, but that’s fine, because tears are an off shoot of emotions and feelings and feelings and feelings can help in the emotional healing process.

Music has a way of helping you express your emotions and how you are feeling. Arrangement of the notes have a way of encouraging you to stop suppressing what’s really bothering you and maybe even help you discover what it is that might be causing the depression you might be feeling. This is a good thing because the more you suppress your feelings the worse the depression can get.

Music Brings Out Creativity

When we do creative things we are allowing our brains to process other things, things that might keep us depressed. It gives the brain the ability to expand our horizons. Music is one way in which the brain can be stimulated. It can put the brain in a mind-wandering mode which helps the brain to reach out and find things that are creative and in turn it can help you to find release through creativity. Creating something, anything, that you yourself have made gives you a feeling of reward and being rewarded helps to alleviate the feelings of depression.

Music has a way of allowing a person to communicate non-verbally and this in turn gives a person a feeling of relief when they ae able to express how they are feeling without trying to find the right words to express how the depression is making them feel.

Music Can Help Your Breathing

Depending on the kind of music you listen to, it can actually affect the rate of your breathing. In turn your breathing can affect your depression and calm you down or agitate you. Listening to music that has a slow meditative tempo can help to slow down your breathing and when you are breathing slower will help you feel calmer and this can lessen your feelings of depression.

Music Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Some researchers have found that if a person listens to classical, Cletic, or even reggae music for 30 minutes a day they can lower their blood presure and when a person has lower blood pressure they tend to feel better and tend to want to become more active. Being more active in turn also helps a person with depression, because movement just makes you feel better.

Music Can Help People With Addictions

Many people suffering from depression quite often are also struggling with some sort of addiction as well. Researchers have found that the power of music is something that can very well help those who are suffering from an addiction.

By combining music therapy with a rehab program can have a huge impact on the person who is struggling with both depression and addiction. Since music has a way of helping people reach their feelings and helps them to be more creative it can give them an outlet that is healthy instead of choosing outlets that are unhealthy and damaging.

Since music can invoke different emotions, it is a positive way in which people who are struggling with addiction can get in better touch with their emotions and to deal with them in a less destructive manner.

Music Might Help Prevent Suicide

Many people who suffer from depression often have feelings of suicide and some may even give into the thoughts and try to go through with it. Some professionals believe that music could play an important role in helping those who may be showing signs of suicide.

Certain music and songs in particular can have a huge impact on the way a person might feel about themselves or about the world around them. Quite often the words in a song may hit a cord in a person and make them think twice before allowing their depression to take control and lead them to taking their own lives. There are some songs that can remind a person of how important and precious life is and that in turn can help those who may have been thinking that there is nothing worth living for.

Music Can Help to Reduce Pain

Many people who suffer from chronic pain may also suffer from depression because of that pain. It has been shown that music can play a big role in helping to reduce pain in many cases. Music quite often serves as a distraction for the person suffering from pain and it helps them feel like they have more control. It also helps the brain to release endorphines which are hormones that help to control pain in our bodies. When a person has less pain, in turn they will help lessen their feelings of depression as well.

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