You voted repeatedly to hear from me about my celibate lifestyle choice and how to be celibate as a woman. Today, I’ll share why I am celibate and define celibacy vs abstinence vs chastity. I’ll answer the most common question “CAN a woman be celibate?” as well as teach you HOW to become celibate for God as a Christian woman.

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Psalm 66:16 says this:
“Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what God has done for my soul.”
This video will do just that; I’ll tell you what our good God has done for my soul!

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Celibacy is a permanent lifestyle of remaining unmarried and NOT engaging in any form of romance or sexual activity, and it can either be voluntary or imposed by a job, a family, or culture. I practice CELIBATE LIFESTYLE CHOICE voluntarily.

Abstinence is also called “continence” and is a temporary avoidance of penetrative sexual intercourse for some temporary reason.

Chastity, from the Latin word castitas, meaning “purity,” is your perception of yourself as having a virtue according to the prevailing social standards of morality. It is very scary because it leads to addictions (I’ve had addictions) for the purpose of HIDING yourself from your SELF (psyche). I am not perceiving my SELF as pure in my own eyes but I know that I am fully HUMAN, with all the normal human temptations of the flesh. I am celibate nit because of MY purity but because of GOD’S grace sufficient for my celibacy when I struggle with temptations.


“Who is Jesus?” h
“What is faith?”
“Tell me how you feel”
“How to be fully human”
“God is good. Or is He?”
“The healing power of self-pity”

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Intro 00:00
What we will cover in this unique video 2:44
Celibacy is NOT being a-sexual or a-romantic 3:38
Why God gave me this message: 5:58
Celibate MEANING 8:50
Celibate UNTIL marriage 9:22
Celibacy vs abstinence vs chastity 15:07
CAN a woman be celibate? 21:36
Why am I celibate? 26:43
Celibate lifestyle CHOICE 35:38
“I am ENOUGH!” poem 44:31
How to be celibate as a woman Q&A 48:35
Celibacy and LONELINESS 1:02:44
How I accidentally ended up on a DATE 1:03:58
The BLISS of being single and celibate 1:11:47
Celibacy and FASTING 1:16:49

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