How to Deal with Isolation

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Being socially isolated can have severe health risks, and it can also feel pretty terrible! Today I talk about isolation and some ideas on how we can break out of the terrible cycle. Just like anything, we have to start small and set goals that we can achieve easily. So let’s start challenging that urge to stay inside and not interact in person!! I believe that human interaction can sometimes be even better for us then talking about and processing what ails us. Hugs can heal 😉 Here is the link to my CBT description video: MY FREE WORKBOOKS HERE…Self-Harm Disorder Workbook SCHEDULE…MONDAY – New video release
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47 thoughts on “How to Deal with Isolation”

  1. Isolation is a survival tool for me. I have strange facial expressions that are link to my schizophrenia. (I'm guessing) Anyway, a simple trip to Walmart is a nightmare for me. Shoppers lock their car doors and grab their kids for safety as soon as they see me.

    I dont know what the hell people see but I feel totally normal. I would not hurt a fly or break the law under any circumstances.

    Staying isolated helps forget about how strange I am. I will only go in public when absolutely necessary.

  2. Being alone leads me to drinking are smoking pot . i have extreme social anxiety . i go into panic attacks everytime im around people. I want to feel normal again. But im 28 now and the last time i felt truley normal is when i was lile 14 years old. So ive literally spent half my life on this crap. I feel like people are mean to me everywere i go. I dont know what to do i dont wanna go out like this.

  3. I don't trust anyone. The world has become densely populated with very advanced technology, so the world has become very selfish. We are different from previous generations

  4. Bipolar and I have to isolate myself in order to hide my mental condition.
    My job and social life are structured around keeping myself quarantine from other as much as possible.
    If I allow society to know about my mental illnesses. Then all of the doors will be slammed in my face.
    Welcome to America! Where the choice is to shut up about your mental illness or end up sleeping in the streets.
    If your employer finds out that you’re seeing a psychologist then you will be fired!

  5. I wish i had access to proper therapy and outpatient help. NZ sux at mental health and i had to fight hard just to get a lousy 1 hour apointment every other week. No funding where i live , its basically heres your meds and nothing else. I envy these people who get outpatient help and therapy. I have big depression and anxiety issues. I just wanna run away to another country and start all over again.

  6. I've been isolated for 2 years and it never really bothered me, but now it starts to feel like I just lack potency. I wanna get out of here from today.

  7. I’m isolating myself to focus on myself until I am where I want to be I don’t want friends it may seem militant but I’m just in a season where I need to find my own way I wish I had friends but I don’t.. I attract ppl to me I’m just not good at keeping friends. I’ve had friends in hs & was very popular now my life is kind of in isolation mode idk how to break out it.

    I live in a neighborhood that is unsafe & the people are utter garbage I believe I should just go to college n stay in seclusion until my life makes sense

  8. I've been isolated basically whole my childhood. I have noticed real problems with my social skills.
    It was a bih thing when I went to a shop on my own in high school. I don't know how to be with people and struggle understanding what friendship means.

  9. I have no idea if this channel still exists, but if it does, I guess I need some help. My girlfriend isolates herself (she's not drepressive, "just" isolates herself) and I'm getting anxiety over it. I'm so worried about her health, I mean, I love her and tell her that every day, but sometimes she doesn't even hears it and just keep isolation herself. I'm really sad about it, it does affects my mental health, but it should't, becayse I promised her I would deal with this kind of stuff and I really want to. I'm just overly emotioned about It, she's my first girlfriend and I love her so much. Someone, please, help me.

  10. thank you for saying i can always just stop and go back home, i feel a lot of guilt about not being able to finish things and i have to constantly remind myself that starting, attempting in itself, it's progress too

  11. I've often found that going to the movies by myself is really encouraging. I mean I'm in a big room with other people enjoying a film. Sometimes I laugh at something and I'll get other people to laugh with me. And it feels like I'm a part of something. Another thing that's really nice is going to a public library and just reading a book or being on the computer and I'm technically by myself, however I'm surrounded by other people that are doing other things. And sometimes I'll even chat with a librarian and ask questions about stuff. There's always something you can do. And being alone isn't necessarily a negative thing in my opinion. It can be a very powerful and enlightening thing if you focus on the good. Rather than the negative aspects of it.😊🙏

  12. I've tried all the advice I can implement and nothing. I have abusive family, so no good relationship there, and I've never had a friend or partner. I've been trying since I was about 17 and am almost 28 now, I'm pretty ready to kill myself over this. I keep being told things get better, but they've just stayed the same no matter what effort I put in and it keeps getting worse really because it feels worse. I can't even do certain forms of self care anymore because it actually makes me feel worse about myself due to the lifetime of isolation. I'm still just trying to distract myself with hobbies, but I just want some company. 🙁

  13. I do not have money to sit in coffee shops. I have a dog l go out to the park with people say hello but that's it. Most people I know are just TOO BUSY. I have no money to join clubs and meet up groups or to travel to them with. This is a long term on going problem.

  14. Those filthy humans….

    They fooled me…
    They deceived me…
    They insulted me…
    They manipulated me…
    They blamed me for their own well-deserved problems…
    They ditched me…
    They faked their kindness but they are just coldhearted bitches…

  15. I am lonely for 4 years from age 14-18 even at home. I am also bullied and I have to see downfall in my family and life and now I'm almost 19 and I still only see filths and misery in my life no matter how hard I try to reach hope, love, peace, positivity, and constructive advancement. This sucks a lot and I want to break free from this strangling shit once and for all and I want my life to always go uphill from now on.

  16. I am a person who prefers to stay home. I have my cat , internet and tv for entertainment. I am alone , most of my day. I read it is not very healthy, but for me , it's reality. I meet people who are worse off than me. They smoke , drink alcohol , and live a life, they can't see further than their nose. Threw Christ , I keep myself alchol and drug free. I don't even smoke cigarettes , no more. I believe. I'm in this world, but not of this world. Comment on what you think of this life style. Thanks. Danny💌

  17. what shallow advices. if i go out with friends or to familie events i feel more alone than if i stay at home. i can challenge myself to do stuff like adviced, doesnt mean i will feel better.

  18. I think my problem is fear of rejection and social anxiety. I can't even talk to girls on dating apps, even when they initiate first contact, because the thought of having them think I'm strange or god forbid going out on a date with them and finding me awkward almost paralyses me. I'm so fed up of having this mindset, do you think CBT would be a good way to go?

  19. Lol, regardless of the solitary confinement, other types of solitude is actually good for you. Even if it's too much, its still doesn't have a negative impact on your mental health. If you want to go outside, try live in nature where there's no human, and you can do whatever you want in your solitary life.

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