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1. #KatiFAQ As a therapist, are there any topics/issues that you really don’t care to work with or that just don’t interest you? I know you particularly like to work with eating disorders, but are there any issues, such as substance abuse or OCD, that you don’t find interesting or exciting to work with in patients? #KatiFAQ Is there ever a situation where you might refuse to treat a client?2. #KatiFAQ Is there a minimum age requirement for a child to be in therapy? How old is the youngest client you’ve had, and what kinds of issues do young children usually come in for? Thank you :)3. #KatiFAQ I find myself constantly in need of some kind of external stimulation, be it food, something to do w/ my hands, etc. Even when I’m watching TV I have to have my laptop, phone, food, or something similar to keep me from being bored. I hate this because it causes me to overeat sometimes, and I feel like it’s not good to need so much stimulation. My sister used to say I was “high in sensation-seeking” and I also have trichotillomania. Is there anything I can do about this?Journal Topic:Journal Topic: Because it is National Suicide Prevention Week (and tomorrow is Suicide Prevention Day), I thought I’d share this quote- “The best way out is always through.” (Robert Frost). No matter what you are going through, you can get past it. Working through it may seem scary or painful, but there is always support for us and it will be so worth it in the end.MY FREE WORKBOOKS:Self-Harm Disorder Workbook

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41 thoughts on “How young is "too young" for therapy? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton”

  1. Hey Kati I went to there as soon as I went into care parkerville and. Dcp put kids on therapy as soon A they enter care no matter of their aged special therapy I think though

  2. I hear that Kati refers out people with adhd and add. What I will say is that we have bright, shiny personalities and I am never boring to my therapist… but I respect that you have a different opinion.

  3. I’m sorry kati I really enjoyed this video and it was really helpful. However I gave it a dislike because it said one and I have a fear of odd numbers. So sorry 🙋🏻‍♂️

  4. I’m only eleven (yes i know) and I’ve been thinking about therapy. now, I’m not diagnosed with any sort of mental illnesses and I’m actually not thAT bad mentally, but sometimes I feel like I’m headed in that direction. I don’t know what to do because I always see things saying to seek help when you think something might be wrong, but I also feel like my mental state is okay enough that I shouldn’t try therapy, and I’d just be wasting everyone’s time when they could be helping someone who really needs it. I know that i don’t need therapy but it seems helpful? I honestly don’t know,, if you read all of that- any advice? asking for a friend 🙂

  5. I went to therapy for the first time when  was 5, and I hated it. I went for extreme anxiety and social anxiety, and all my therapist did was play board games with me. I was really secretive and still am, and my therapist told my mom everything that I would try and talk to her about. Because of this, I stopped even trying to talk to my therapist due to me not wanting my mom to know about how I was feeling. I developed depression a few years ago along with my anxiety, and I really want to ask my mom if I can go back to therapy, but I'm afraid that it will be like it was back then. I'm almost a teenager now, so will my therapist still play meaningless games with me? I'm mostly worried that my therapist will tell my mom about my sessions, and I really don't want that to happen. My older brother has autism, so I guess I don't want my mom to know how messed up my head is. I want to be the normal kid that my mom can feel proud of….

  6. I was told, "because you do still young" by the psychiatrist, I've had 25-year-old, but was admitted because I did not helpless until now, out courage because I do not want to in the future before any waste is also a short life for years it was admitted! Do I Come from getting worse!

  7. #KatiFAQ I started seeking therapy when I was about fourteen years old (although I'd had therapy before as a young child). I kept having this problem where therapists I would see would treat me like a child, even though I wasn't. one even asked me to draw these faces on a paper of different emotions, and I thought that was stupid so I just drew pictures on the back, and then at the end of the session she asked "Was that just too hard?"
    This always really upset me, and even though I've now found a therapist who understands that I am not eight years old, you may want to talk about this because I feel as though it's hard to find therapists to deal with teenagers.

  8. I am Part of a treatment team that treats children specifically I am a paraprofessional and work with a Masters Level Therapist and Psychiatrist. I have personally worked with children as young as 3 and  a previous team i was on placed children as young as 4 in impatient settings (this was an extreme case") We use a lot of CBT concepts, or course the methods look different with kids a lot usign acitivites to help them understand, a lot of teaching stop think act, but we do individual and group as well as therapueidc day programs surign school breaks and the kids really beneift. A lot does depend on each specific case though

  9. Hi kati, im francisca , i have been looking out your videos and i really liked them, i suscribed. I need your help, i self harm, but i dont want my mom to know, it would just make my whole life worse, im 11 , some of my friends know but nobody else, i would like to know how or were i can get something or someone that can help me without letting my mom know plz… Thank u 😊

  10. i can relate a lot to the last question. I mainly sit at my computer and catch up on tv shows iv missed. Half-way through i catch myself going into deep daydreaming and becoming really bored and i catch myself thinking about food and other things which leads me to miss the things im watching. Recently iv been writing and doodling on pieces of paper whilst im watching something or if im watching a video on youtube i scroll down and read the comments instead of watching it. If im not doing that im either messing around on my phone playing games or on social networks but i have never put it down to anxiety, and iv never really seen it as a problem i always feel on edge when im not doing something!

  11. Hey @Kati Morton 
    #katifaq  So I've had a friend go into residential 5 times so far. I go to visit her frequently when she is first admitted but by the end of her admission it'll have been weeks since I saw her. I always feel like I belong in the treatment center with her or instead of her. Being in the center makes me feel like I should be there. I do have an eating problem, but it is undiagnosed as I haven't mentioned it to anyone. Is this normal? 

  12. alright i give up i went through some of your vids and didnt find the thing i needed but i feel like i cant find it then so maybe what i know i cant prove and maybe its for the best

  13. im 12 and don't eat because I'm fat and cut(although I'm 2 weeks clean:)) and I've attempted suicide 21 times and am considering tonight. do you think I'm too young or should i keep pushing my mom to get me help?

  14. i was first treated because of my anxiety when i was 5 yrs old. it was a lot of drawing and playing. i dotn't think it really helped which might be the fault of the therapists cause i don't think they were really good. anxiety wise i am really not sure how effective therapy at such an age can really be. 

  15. #katifaq (hope I'm not to late). Can older people have eating disorders? My grandmother just turned 70 and she doesn't eat. She isn't super skinny but she seems to be losing weight quite rapidly and complains saying she is fat all the time. I'm worried about her! Help! What can I do to help her???

  16. #katiFAQ  Hi kati, thanks for everything you do it really helps. So I am at a new school where I don't know anybody and I was in recovery during the summer, but now I'm going back and I keep cutting and have suicidal thoughts. What should I do.

  17. I really relate to the third question and something I found helpful was to develop hobbies such as knitting or needlepoint that use your hands to create something (it's relaxing)

  18. #katifaq I have to talk to my guidance consellour tomorrow and whenever I have to go talk to her I end up giving myself a panic attack and the ironic part is im going to talk to her about panic attacks. How can I help ease this anxiety to make it easier to open up thanks!

  19. #katifaq hi Kati! Why is it that my mood goes up and down? There are times that i feel depressed for a while but that feel good for a day or a few days. I've purged but not many times. I've cut but also not many times. I don't understand.

  20. #KATIFAQ How do I open up to my parents about my problems? I've been really struggling to find a way to open up to my parents about my depression/ed/sh and I was wondering if you think its a good idea to show them my journal, as I find it really hard to talk about my issues… I think what you do is amazing- Thanks xx 

  21. #KatiFAQ  Hey Kati! Hope I'm not too late.
    I'm a three sport high school athlete, and I'm constantly in the weight room. Even if someone tells me I'm training too hard, I feel like I have to reach a certain amount of calories or a certain number of reps to cancel out calories I've eaten earlier. How do I know when my diet and exercise has become unhealthy?

  22. #katiFAQ, hey Kati my question is why is it hard to cry sometimes?? I always have the crushing chest feeling, tight throat, and stingy eyes but I just can't cry. I have no tears, nada. And it's really frustrating because I feel like I want to but part of me doesn't want to let loose. Can this be something caused by trauma? Because I have had this problem after I was raped. And I always feel like the sensation is choking me. Thanks Kati

  23. #katifaq  hope im not too late, but is it normal to talk to yourself? ive been doing it for years and im 17 now, i talk to myself as if there is others around me, i dont know why i do it and i cant stop, i have good friends so its not like im lonely and missing out. its freaking me out a bit and i dont know what to do, am i considered a freak?!

  24. If you see this please could you like it because I'm in need of urgent help x

    #katifaq It has been 3 months since I told my mum about going to the doctors for depression, I didn't tell her about my eating disorder, self harm or anxiety because I was going to take it one step at a time. But because it has been so long since I told her and we've not spoke about it since, I feel like she thinks I don't need help, or she's forgotten about me. Everything seems to be getting worse, my dad verbally abuses me and says some very hurtful things to me daily. Should I remind my mum about the appointment? It just makes me feel like my mums forgotten about me. It took a lot of courage to finally asking for help after a year of struggling, and I don't like admitting I need help as I feel like my problems are not big enough to get help. I'm not sure what to do? I feel like I'm the only one this has happened to and that hurts. Thank you for everything, you are amazing for doing what you do. Lots of love💞💞

  25. #katifaq  Hey Kati. I was wondering if a patient of yours had for a week the same nightmare whatever time she slept how would you react and how would you handle it? would it possibly mean something and is there anything you would advice her to make the nightmares to stop?

  26. #katiFAQ  My journal topic suggestion.: I found this quote of Gandhi. It says: 
    "We may stumble and fall but shall rise again; it should be enough if we did not run away from the battle"
    I really like it because it showes that it's okay to not feel okay sometimes and that things will get better again. It's enough to just hang in there and keep strong. Because it's worth it. 🙂

  27. #katiFAQ hi kati so when I was younger I was sexually abused, or what I believed to be sexually abused (you'll see what I mean in a minute) but my question to you was does it still count as sexual abuse if the abuser is younger than you, despite the age difference he was a lot bigger and taller than me but many people have told me that it is not a serious issue as I was older than him. Thanks and I love your channel

  28. #katiFAQ
    Hey Kati 🙂 I have just recently gotten into a new relationship and he is really nice and kind and I really like him. However, he is always complimenting me and saying nice things about me which I find to be really challenging and hard to hear. I know that hearing these sorts of things is good for my self esteem but the constant bombardment of compliments often makes me feel worse about myself rather than better because it just feels like too much. What do I do? Thanks!

  29. #katifaq What are some ways that we can establish how we are feeling before/during/after use of an unhealthy coping skill? (like while bingeing, cutting etc.)
I was told this week by my therapist my first step towards replacing unhealthy coping skills with healthy ones is realizing what needs of mine aren’t being met that my ED and SH are fulfilling. My task is to try to identify how I’m feeling during binge eating and SH behaviors, but its so hard! I don’t know how i feel ever, let alone when I am doing something like that! And especially when I am bingeing, rarely can I stop to try to figure it out.
Where do you suggest to start with this? How do I figure out how I am feeling? Asking myself ‘how do i feel?’ goes no where, because I don’t understand what my different emotions feel like- besides just frustrated, anxious or content. So I have no clue where to start.

  30. #katifaq how do you know if what you're experiencing is PTSD or not? I've had recurrent flashbacks of a particularly hard night, but I can't tell if it's just an intrusive thought, or, if it's actually PTSD?? It's been really difficult dealing with it lately because I can't seem to control the memory of this night. P.S. I love your videos, thanks for all you do!! 🙂

  31. #Katifaq, HELP! Kati what do I do when I've told my family about my ED and asked to consider professional help, and my family feels hurt and offended that all there help, still isn't enough? I dont want them to feel like that, but I know I need HELP!

  32. Hey Kati, great video as ever, I didn't know it was suicide prevention week!!! I am frustrated that this is not been widely know or is it just me being out of the loop!!!

  33. also instead of a phone if she is worried about to many screens in my high school we had something called fidget toys and they were like stress balls and stuff so maybe use some of those instead of phones and eating that might help

    thx for this ha bisky vid i loved these a lot

  34. #KatiFAQ. Hey Kati, I was just wondering what your thoughts on nonsuicidal Self-Injury are, do you think that it should be put in the DSM? If so how come? Why do you think it isnt already in it? Im studying psychology, and I have struggled with selfharm in the past but Im really interested in what this kind of behaviour would fall within in the DSM. Thank you so much for your videos, I learn so much from them and it really helps my study 🙂 . 

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