I don't like my dietitian as much as my therapist?! Help! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

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#katifaq so saw the dietitian today as an outpatient and didn’t get that feeling I did with my therapist. Am I supposed to? Do I just not like her because she’s controlling my food? How do I know?⬇️ LINKS BELOW ⬇️
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31 thoughts on “I don't like my dietitian as much as my therapist?! Help! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton”

  1. I've been seeing a dietitian and found her immensely helpful, especially now that I'm slipping a bit into restriction/overexercise due to big life changes (still dealing with PTSD, and complicated grief from my ex's suicide). She pointed out my restriction and got me on a meal plan ASAP, before the restriction could go any further, and is making me do stuff that my ED doesn't want me to do. I grumble a bit when she says, "Don't work out more than X times a day/week" or something like that, but ultimately I know she has my best interests in mind.

  2. My dietician has been so helpful in recovery. She is amazing and even though I don’t like what she wants me to do (or rather my ED doesn’t like it) she is very helpful and understanding and tries to make sure I am making progress in terms of eating enough and working towards having a healthy relationship with food

  3. When I was seeing my dietitian, I didn't like her nearly as much as I liked my therapist, but I liked her enough. I definitely think what Kati said about the eating disorder not liking the strict rules and boundaries is true. It's hard to let go of that and let someone else take control. But with that being said, I think you can have a good relationship with your dietitian, you just need to at least lower your guard.

  4. Hey kati, So I was diagnosed with Major depressive disorder (severe) with anxiety distress…. I know what everything means except for with anxiety distress part. What does that mean? Does that mean I have some form of anxiety disorder (apart from OCD which I have been diagnosed with…. I think. I have an LCSW who's brought it up as me having it more than once, but I wasn't tested for it in the eval o.O) or is it completely different. o.o Thanks #KatiFAQ

  5. Hey Kati, so my mom has been really emotionally abusive, and lately it has been making me have homicidal (towards my mom) and suicidal ideations. What should I do? The abuse has been going on for about 8 years, the homicidal ideations for about 4 months and suicidal ideations on and off for 4 years

  6. I've found that I like my dietician in the sense that she's a great person and has helped a lot with things related to food, but I don't have nearly as strong of a connection with her as I do with my therapist. We get along, and even though I do have my moments of eating disordered frustration with her, I appreciate what she does – but it's just not the same dynamic as with my therapist. She isn't supporting me in the same ways or through the same issues, and like Kati said, there isn't the same "motherly" component. I think that if something about your dietitian's personality or the way they treat you feels bad (like if they're not compassionate or understanding at all), it's an issue – but if you just don't feel as strongly connected to them as your therapist, it's okay.

  7. I got on fine with my dietician, I guess because I knew what was coming wasn't what I'd 'like' so it wasn't totally shocking.

    I had 40 sessions of therapy for my ed and it came to an end. I am no where near ready to be out of therapy and as a result I have spiralled massively. I have no control as all over my food and it's totally chaotic. my brother is getting married in 5 weeks and I am a bridesmaid. Obviously I want to lose weight for this as I will definitely be the biggest and it's making things worse.

    My therapist said I could be referred again in 6 months but I am already back at square one now?
    I live in the UK. Any ideas?

  8. Hey so my experiences with sole dietitians have been frankly pretty shitty. They have mostly just seen my extensive medical history and disabilities and freaked out. Most of them actually told me an EDNOS patient to LOSE weight. WTF?' Except this one Melssa who was awesome, but I couldn't afford her long term. My nutrition doctor however is amazing. He has a psychology degree and a nutrition degree. So seeing him is like seeing a therapist who specializes in food. If you had bad experiences don't give up.

  9. I went to a dietitian and said the fist day, I still want to be able to eat candy. She said, ok, and I got the help I needed, still had the feeling I could live and droped 10kg in weight. So, not bad at all.

  10. You should do a few videos answering questions each one with a different theme. That way you can get more done and it's easier to search like: "anxiety questions", "depression questions", etc.

  11. OMG you imitating a "stubborn child" was so funny. Looked like me in the office of my nutritionist sometimes, so shameful. LOL
    But the true is that she just wanna help, be pacient and follow your meal plan as much as you can 😉


  12. I actually really like my dietitian right now as an outpatient, my therapist is alright but I think like you can "click" with anyone if they are the right personality match with you. I think the reason I like dietitian is because she seems to just get it and understand everything I say completely. I am now actually entering php which is frustrating because I have to develop brand new therapeutic relationships and meet with another dietitian and its just annoying having to start all over… also I am going to be missing the beginning of my senior year which is hard.

  13. I've never been referred to a dietitian. I just asked my new GP for a referral but she said I should cut down on my excessive caffeine intake first, because that would be the first thing they would focus on, and then maybe later if I can do that, I can get a referral. I think that's kind of a funny logic to be honest. I thought dietitians were supposed to help you make the necessary changes in your diet. If I could do it on my own would I even have a problem to begin with? Oh well I'll bring it up with my psychiatrist next.

  14. I dont like the way therapists are motherly and sympathetic towards me it makes me feel uncomfortable. meaning mostly I don't get along with any of my therapists! I dont know why i feel this way and I dont know what do about it! #katiFaq

  15. I hated my dietitians with a passion. Of course, I really hated everyone on my treatment team, but I defiantly had the strongest distain towards my dietitians. It's common in recovery to feel this way. Now, after four years into my recovery journey, I am in school to be a dietitian myself! They're can be really mean and insensitive dietitians just like there are some really mean and insensitive people in general; you just have to find the right fit for you:)

  16. I see a dietitian because I have Crohn's disease and I've found her nothing but helpful. I was on a really strict meal plan to control my symptoms but I had a wedding to go to, so I told her and she completely understood and said I would be okay to go one day off the plan. I know it's very different to eating disorder treatment but don't be afraid to let them know your concerns and they will explain why certain things are necessary and put you at ease.

  17. Hi Kati. I noticed that in your selective mutism video you kept saying that people with the disorder choose not to speak, but actually for me and other sufferers we can't speak, like our vocal cords freeze because we're so anxious. One of the worst things about it is people assume it's a choice and I could speak to them if I wanted to which leads then to get annoyed with me and I was hoping you could clarify for everyone that it's not a choice as I know a lot of people just watch this channel to be informed, and for those of us who suffer from this it would be nice to have some validation that we are just suffering from an anxiety issue as oppose to just being awkward.

  18. I feel this SO much. I feel so disconnected to my dietician, mainly because it's so rigid. It's definitely tricky because they're controlling food, which is such a big aspect of life and not feeling that 'click' can be tricky when working on such a huge thing. However I know they're just there to help us, not to hinder and no matter how ARG, we may feel, it'll be beneficial in the long run. Hard to think at the time, but it's true. Thank you for the fab video Kati. xoxo

  19. Those who like the videos divided up into topics (like myself) and want to search that way can add her on Pinterest, I like the way she's got them arranged on there! 🙂

  20. I don't have experience in this area, so I don't have much to offer to others as what it's like.

    But I do have a question I was watching BriandChrissy's vlog yesterday and saw you were at Vlogger fair and did panel and it included her and another youtuber I like besides you 2, Rachel Whitehurst. Is there any footage from this panel I can watch here or elsewhere? I'm quite interested in seeing the panel.

  21. I also wonder about working with wellness coaches. Dietitians are there to change behaviors that effect self soothing practices and that can feel scary. It would be nice to still "feel" an alignment in the professional relationship.

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