It’s Important to Promote Health and Wellness in the Workplace


f a person has an uninspired and sedentary work life it can be hazardous to their health. So, if this is the case, how can an employer help to fix this possible health issue so that their employees are a lot more productive and they also stay in good health and living a healthy lifestyle? When an employer implements and promots wellness and health it isn’t just going to be a good investment in their employees, it is also going to benefit the employer at the same time. By utilizing a workplace wellness program will inhibit absenteeism and will promote more productivity and better retention.

Important to Evaluate Employee Health Risks

According to researchers done for the U.S. Department of Labor, about 80% of those employers who implemented some sort of health and wellness program will screen their employees by using Health Risk Assessments, physicals, and other questionnaires to help discover any prevalent issues there might be with their employees.

With the information that’s gathered, they are then able to create personalized plans that are preventative and tend to be far more effective than any generalized information and education.

These health and wellness plans often include primary prevention for employees with various risk factors that can lead to different chronic diseases. These plans also include secondary prevention that is used to improve a lot of disease control among their employees who manifest some chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, or asthma.

Any preventative care that is offered by employers can reduce reactionary assistance such as surger, health insurance, etc. Because of this, it can reduce the cost of health care for their employees.

Providing Healthy Snacks for Employees

A good way to promote good health for employees is to take away the temptations in the workplace. If there are vending machines filled with sodas, candy, and other junk food, or there are donuts offered for breakfast, their employees are simply being to bring in more healthy food of their own or just give in to a diet that’s unhealthy. Employers should sit down and discuss the health benefits of eating healthier with their employees along with creating surveys to help identify their employees favorite healthy food options.

Replacing sodas with healthy beverages and water and candy with something like granola bars will help to promote a much healthier work environment by lowering the availability of junk food. Having open communication with their employees about changes and educating them about healthier substitues for employees regular snacks will help to ease any kind of transition the employer want to make. At the same time it helps to develop a more like-minded work environment that is dedicated to wellness and health of everyone.

Employer Paid Fitness Memberships

Benefits, incentives, and rewards are all wonderful techniques to help increase the motivation of employees in the workplace. All of these techniques can promote both mental and physical health of their employees. Providing benefits like spa, gym, or yoga memberships for their employees can be another great thing to offer. Even better are amenities like on-site gyms can give their employees a better opportunity to exercise more and to do it with people they know. This can create a much stronger work environment for everyone involved. Another option is to offer group classes that will help to educate employees on the many benefits of a good diet and exercise both before and after work. This can often give them ore incentive to be at work and even enjoy work more.

Some companies like Google for example offer on-site gyms and others such as Microsoft, offer funding for employees who want to go to a full-service gym. Mental and physical wellness directly correlates with the productivity of employees. Offering benefits like fitness memberships often result in far better retention as well.

Offer Access to Office Ergonomics and Nurse Advice Lines

Along with employee wellness development, having more personal options can be beneficial as well. It is very beneficial to employees is they also have 24/7 access to nursing advice lines for any private health issue questions, help, and concerns an employee might have. Having nurse advice lines can be convenient methods of private and confidential communication through the internet or over the phone with a health professional. They can ask about different symptoms, illnesses, and diseases that might concern them. Workplace health and wellness programs offer different options for employees that can be general or on a more private level.

By implementing an ergonomic workplace can help fit the individual job to the employee. Workplace ergonomics is considered the science of dealing with arranging and designing a workplace environment that is easier and safer. By choosing the most comfortable chairs, desks, colors, lighting and layout will benefit employees because it is not only appealing but offers them more comfort and safety.

Benefits of Having a Workplace Focused on Good Health and Wellness

When considering investments that revolve around their employees mental and health wellness, some employers might wonder is there any benefits for them. If an employer provides a healthy workplace they will reap a variety of benefits that include:

  • Less absenteeism – When there is an environment that is focused on health and fitness can actually lead to far fewer employees missing work. According to research, 18% to 32% fewer workdays were lost.
  • Saves on health insurance – Even though a insurance shouldn’t be the main reason for an employer to implement a wellness program in the workplace, those who do, see a good decrease in the cost health and the payouts for employees.
  • Promotes satisfaction of employees – When health and wellness programs are implemented the reviews and surveys taken show there is an increase in employee satisfaction at work. This can include better communication, teamwork, and it tends to foster better job effectiveness.
  • Higher job retention – It’s time consuming to recruit new employees and it can be expensive, this is why keeping the same employees over hiring new ones is extremely beneficial for a company. If employees are treated well by making sure they are offered comprehensive health and wellness programs and other benefits, they will have far more incentive to stay with that company.
  • Productivity improvement – When an employer sponsors their employees health, directly correlates with the increase in their productivity. Employees tend to work harder if they enjoy their workplace environment and are healthy.

Being able to understand human behavior is far more than just the basis of psychology, in fact, it is an extremely important part of every single business. It ensures the success of both the company and its employees.

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