We have with us the vice President for product development at Biofusion Therapeutics as our guest. A well known name in the scientific and industry circles, Jyoti Iyer was instrumental in bringing the world’s first biosimilar traps to Trastuzumab to life. And she doesn’t stop there. Beyond being an advocate for better medicine, she has adopted an orphanage in Bangalore, where she spends a considerable amount of volunteer time. You know of her, but now you will know her.

Key takeaways
Success is just a moment that you have to enjoy and share with everyone, and then you have to move along.
Going to step back for some time and rethink what priorities are.
My life is my message and that really I felt very powerful.

Key Questions
1. How is it to join Industry immediately after PhD?
2. What to choose: Postdoc or Industry?
3. Whether to go abroad or stay back in India.
4. Role of Mentor in career decisions.
5. Humbleness, Spirituality and Leadership.

Connect with Jyoti Iyer on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jyotiiyer/

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