Live Broadcast #3 DBT, BPD and more with Kati Morton and Guest Cara Braun Healthy Mind, Healthy Body


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In this live broadcast (#3) I talk about DBT, BPD and I also answered a few questions from viewers… Hope you like it!Youtube: to my channel:
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  1. Sam Wethington says

    i have stolkhom syndrome bpd bipolar 1 ocd sdhd and anxiety and panic disorder and complex ptsd i need help and know how to get through it

  2. Having BPD, and I can say this with experience as a BPD person… having BPD is like being on your boat and there comes cracks and holes in that boat and the ocean starts to flow in more and more, while others have a bucket to keep the water from sinking the boat, people with BPD have a teaspoon trying to keep that boat on float, but eventually youre drowning and trying what ever you can to get a grasp of air and to stay alive. The ocean is emotions, it is overflowing you with strong emotions – youre drowning. Stay strong in crisis, and remember – this too shall pass

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