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30 thoughts on “Mental Health & Psychology LIVE on YouNow with Therapist Kati Morton | Kati Morton”

  1. Below are the time codes for when Kati answers questions & guests people. Click on the times to go directly to that topic!

    6:17 No energy
    8:12 Having feelings for your therapist
    9:47 How to get into treatment centers and insurance
    13:45 Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder
    14:50 Psychologist versus clinical psychologist 
    16:52 Intense transference in therapy
    20:57 How to get over transference, scared of therapist
    25:00 Feel so bad when things are going well
    27:02 Guest- Insurance- mental health coverage, ficticious disorder
    33:11 Self harm and confidentiality if a minor child
    34:58 Vegan and eating disorder recovery
    36:34 Feel guilty to not reaching recovery milestones as expected
    39:27 Guest- Difficulty trusting healthcare team 
    47:07 Dissociation without realizing it 
    49:23 Chicken out bringing up topics in therapy
    52:22 Home schoolers coping with mental health
    53:23 Therapist reporting sexual assault of a minor?
    57:58 Guest- Eating disorder relapse when stressed
    1:04:11 Stressed about next therapy session
    1:07:38 Eating normal again after being sick, eating disorder

    Here's a playlist I've created of Kati's Livestream videos that I've time coded the questions, topics & guests for, if you want to watch more.

  2. Currently having a really bad panic attack (keep having them multiple times a day and I pass out) hyperventilating, shaking, heart palpitations, the works.. my problem is my parents don't help or console me, and they actually tell me to "get ahold of my emotions" and are actually rude and inconsiderate about it. My siblings think it's crazy and stupid and Idk how to cope with the panic attacks or my family anymore, any tips???

  3. if you need to eat the same thing everyday it could be okay it just depends on what it is and i go days with only eating the same things because i listen to my body and that is what it needs at that time

  4. if you have something like masshealth use it thats what i am doing and i never use it because its more expensive it just keeps me from paying a retarded fine and it would be double since i have retardcare aka romneycare and romneycare aka obamacare

  5. changing insurance isnt easy it is to expensive most of the time to do that and i would say see if you can figure something else out other then change it if you can it will probably be cheaper i know because i purposely picked insurance that wouldnt cover where i wanted to go so my appointments would only be 175 dollars instead of 300

    its called knowing the system and cheating it (mine does get covered now but i still act like it doesnt) i only want to pay 175 dollars because thats all i can afford

  6. heykayli loves my eyebrows and she is such a sweetheart she thought i did something like plucked them or something and i was like no they are just naturally like this i never do much to my body

    thx for this awesomely ha bisky live show i love these so much

  7. Do your friends or husband come to you for free therapy sessions? How does that work? I know if I had a friend who was a therapist I would be on the phone with them all the time. lol

  8. Hey, I'm Steffie A. Sorry I was having tech issues!! I wanted to ask your advice. I was seeing a therapist who I finally could open up to and talk to about my PTSD, OCD, anxiety and depression.

    I was finally getting to the point of going into detail about abuse. And although I was terrified I was really ready. Then she left, she was offered a new job and wanted to finish our time together or at least prepare me for her leaving. Anyway she left. I was told by a phone call from an admin worker and told I had to see a new therapist. It really threw me. But I thought maybe I could still do it. Then I was told there was no handover so my new therapist had no idea about my problems. I don't think I have the strength or energy to start again.

    I've been attending sessions but I've just been chit chatting and it's causing more anxiety.

    If there was some warning or even just my new therapist knowing stuff I don't think it would be so bad.

    I feel really alone and unable to find the strength in myself to really help myself.

    😔 Would really appreciate some help with this!

    Lots and lots of love ❤️

  9. #katiefaq
    Hi Katie, I'm sorry for bothering you but I just wanted to ask a question.
    My names Chelsey and I've just turned 18. I've recently opened up with my psychologist about my eating and she referred me to an eating disorder clinic.
    I had my first appointment today. I have been diagnosed with anorexia/bulimia subtype.
    They want to use maudsley therapy with me and my family. I'm absolutely terrified to give control over my food to my parents. Especially since Ive had a lot of responsibility for a long time now and now I can't even feed myself.
    However my parents don't fully understand the eating disorder or how they can support me.
    I also have a lot of opportunity to skip meals and my parents are easily influenced by me. It is very easy for my eating disorder to take back that control.
    Do you have any advice?

  10. I allow people to use me. Yeah, enabler I know. I don't care about myself though. I have no wants or even likes anymore. So, I just let people have what they want. Now, I am stuck in my car to sleep…in November in the cold. I can't ask my friend to follow up on the request to please be a little quieter so I can sleep. My therapist told me to be more assertive, but I just can't because I am just so depressed and don't care or want to care even. I told them that I want to die, but feel like a crappy life isn't a good enough reason to die. So, I don't even know how to care enough to stand up for myself.

  11. 0:001:30 reluctantly allowing myself to become mesmerised
    1:31 record-scratch…what the hell am I thinking…?
    1.39 On call?! …okay, too much reality…I'm gone…

    …aaaaand now she's all over my youtube recommended list…Goddamit!

  12. #katiKAQ Kati! I have a question for you! What should I do if my parents are not supporting me for trying to get help. I've been to countless doctors appointments about my anxiety,depression and now I'm struggling with auditory and visual hallucinations. And my mom always telling me I'm faking my problem so I could fit it with the mentally ill kids. But that's the complete opposite! I just want help. Now my doctor is giving me anti psychotics but my mom says so no meds because she says it means I'm " weak". But I'm not! I want her to realize that it's not normal to feel this way. But she keeps telling me to stop pretending. Kati what do I do about this what should I tell my mom?

  13. Yeah dreams can be distressing. I had a dream last night that my aunt's car rolled off a cliff with a bunch of the family inside, luckily we were okay. Then we walked to a nearby beach and 15 foot waves almost crushed us. Oi vei!

  14. Hey Kati,
    I doubt you will sit and read all these comments or get mine so late. Your website isn't allowing me to ask questions there so I thought I'd try here.
    I am interested in what your thoughts are on all these crime shows that depict profiling and psychology?

  15. Hi! I was recently diagnosed with bipolar type 2 disorder and it seems like almost no one talks about it. A lot of information is mostly about type 1. I would love it if you could do a video on bipolar type 2.

  16. I think it's sad how mental health is considered separate and less important than physical health in some cases.  Would these people agree that brain cancer is a physical condition? If they can understand that, why don't they understand that mental illness has links to both to things going wrong in the brain, in the body, and affecting both, the brain and the body.

  17. Hi Kati, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!! Ps. I find you to be very kind and sweet. Could you plz do a video about functional neurological symptom disorder aka conversion disorder and its relationship to bipolar (2). I suffer from both, besides BPD and OCPD.. but I am working on all of it 🙂

  18. #KatiFAQ hey Kati! I have a really important question for you. Recently i've been diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder and i also have insomnia. It was such a relief when i reached out to a therapist because i couldn't cope with myself anymore and i felt calm since i knew i'm gonna get the help that i need. So 1st of all my therapist sent me to psychiatrist so she could prescribe meds for my insomnia, and everything seemed to go the right way, but since she diagnosed me with depression and bipolar disorder, she suggested me taking meds for insomnia and antidepressants(what really scared me). And now i'm thinking about it every day, but all of the sudden i started to feel that i don't want to do anything and i'm not sure if i want to continue getting ANY kind of help. I don't know if it's because i'm scared or it's another reason to feel that way. Is it normal? What should i do?
    Thank you, luv <3

  19. #KatiFaQ why do guys have a double standard in how they treat there family verses there girlfriend I wanted to ask beacuse i just lost a friend beacuse we started to like each other but we never went out he says he understands how my brother feels in protecting me beacuse he said he would get pissed if a guy was doing the things he did to me to his sister he would be livid thanks Hope you see this and Anwser it love your videos

  20. #katiFAQ I have BPD, Bipolar, and Multiple personality disorder…. I am very observant and I am starting to feel like she is pulling back and feeling kinda like she judging me because I'm stuck in one place in therapy. so I feel like I have to put on this happy face and act like everything is working… but it's not. how do you talk to her about it??

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