The road to addiction recovery can be a trying process but equally beautiful and worth it in so many ways. We learn who we are again, how to take care of ourselves and what our needs are mentally, emotionally, and physically. Nutrition plays a vital role in addiction recovery.

In this video, Sarah Steward of the Nutrition Steward will walk us through Nutrition’s Role in Addiction Recovery.

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Sarah Steward of The Nutrition Steward is a Holistic Nutritionist and Holistic Health Practitioner who helps people learn their body’s unique needs by providing tailored, personalized lifestyle and nutrition recommendations so they can manage their symptoms and live a full life. Sarah has had a lifelong interest in health and pursued a career in this field after witnessing how much falls through the cracks in healthcare through her own health struggles, and those of her loved ones. You can often find her researching, cooking, playing video games, organizing, hiking, listening to 80’s new wave, watching Star Wars or Hallmark movies. Sarah lives with her husband in a quiet rural space of the Carolinas. She is 11 years sober and takes everything one moment at a time.

Here’s how to connect with Sarah:
Instagram: @thenutritionsteward
Facebook: @charlotteholisticnutrition

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