On The Couch with Kati feat Mitchell Davis! Agoraphobia OCD & Panic Attacks | mindfulness treatment

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Mitchell Davis sits down on my couch to talk about his experiences with mental illness. He tells us when he first became aware of mental health and what situation prompted him to get help. We also discuss medication and how it has saved Mitchell’s life and allowed him to follow his dreams. Lastly, he tells us what advice he would give to a younger version of himself. Watch to find out what his answer was! I really enjoyed talking with Mitchell and I hope you liked hearing all about his experiences!
Here is a link to his video “When I came into existence” https://youtu.be/eA079WXXUfo
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40 thoughts on “On The Couch with Kati feat Mitchell Davis! Agoraphobia OCD & Panic Attacks | mindfulness treatment”

  1. I want to take a second to thank both Kati and Shane Dawson for introducing this channel to me. I have been dealing with anxiety and depression my entire life. I have a lot of traumas and some times I have breakthrough anxiety. Sometimes meaning once a month and I’ll spiral. It’s like a fun little roller coaster ride. I love Mitchell Davis talking about his personal problems as well. It makes you feel so much less alone. Because that’s what anxiety does, it truly makes you feel alone. So Kati thank you for creating your channel! It’s helping me through one of my spirals, you explain things in a way that make things less scary and more realistic/relatable. I’ve never written a YouTube comment so this is a genuine thank you! Your the best

  2. Excellent video! Im so glad I found your channel. Ive been dealing with Panic and agoraphobia for over 20 years. Ive tried different counselors and psychotherapists but they didnt seem to help all that much. I thought it might be me. But now I know they just might have not have been the right fit for me. Im feeling pumped to start trying it qgain. Thank you!

  3. I’ve known about mental health as long as I can remember. My mum is and has always been a social worker and my sister is a year away from graduating with a doctorate in psychology. That being said, I’d been fighting help for the 24 out of 25 years of my life.

  4. I found out I had Asperger's Syndrome when I was 21 years old. I remember when I was 19 years old thinking I only had anxiety and taking a psyche test for the first time. I got the results two years later, they found out I had Asperger's Syndrome. It was hard for the psychiatrist to figure it out but thank goodness he did. I was relieved when I got the diagnoses like a giant weight was lifted off of me. The psychiatrist told me that I had Asperger's all my life and was undiagnosed. I get anxiety from the Asperger's Syndrome, I can relate a little bit to Mitchell Davis but I don't have OCD or Agoraphobia. I do know the feeling of fear and feeling like the worst possible thing that could happen will happen it's terrifying the feeling of anxiety.

  5. hello kati. i hope you can reply on my comment. i cant afford to see a psychiatrist because i dont have a job. I just want to know what disorder am I suffering based on the information i will list on below.

    1. since young i am always nervous in crowd. i stammer when talking in front of the class and it consumes a lot of my energy. i end up having headache and stomach ache or LBM. i hate first day of school. i always feel so tired after socializing. i even control my defacation when theirs a visitor inside the house, i just dont want them to notice me. at grade 6 highschool i have hemmorrhoids because of that.

    2. since young i am always obedient to my parents. my father choose the course education for me. that is the first time i told him that i dont want it. i just cant tell him that im afraid of talking fir a long time and standing infront of the crowd. but he insisted.

    3. i have no job for three years after i graduate in education major in food science. i had a hard time facing an interview. i always end up saying the wrong answer or got to emotional or too personal during interview.

    4. after i graduate i do not apply in teaching position. my parents just dont understand how afraid i am when i think that i need to do a demonstration in front of crowd and teachers. so i applied in other unrelated job. but at the end i failed in the interview.

    5. lately my parents and siblings pressured me to apply for teaching position. i became irritated most of the time that i talk to them in a way i dont talk to them before. but still i cannot say the real reason why i cant.

    6. i become so depressed and confused and empty and hopeless that all i can think off is how to die without pain. sing young i always skip meal. i can even endure two days without eating and just sleep on my room. but when i eat, i eat alot. but still im thin and look malnourish until now.

    7. i watched your videos. and i wonder if am correct in my own diagnosis. i think i have a social anxiety disorder and borderline personality disorder with depression. i just dont know to what degree or what type.

    8. one thing i know is that since young i always feel that i am not like the others. I view all things differently. I talk more mature and think more mature. at young age i suffer from sudden changes of mood swing from happy to sad to super sad to super happy to normal to numb. theres a lot of emotions i am always going tru everyday and i dont know how to help myself anymore. i dont know how can i hold longer. But still i supress everything infront of others.

    9. when my brother or parents asked me about my plans or my problem. i only did three things. to put a act okay, or to get irritated or to suddenly become mute with emotionless face.

    10. right now my family is suffering a financial problem. and i feel more guilty than before that i cry even though i watch a comedy. i want to apply in teaching position but my mind is in chaos right now. and i know i am sick. i just dont know what to act now. i am too lost to think. do you think teaching can help me cure myself? is it advisable for me to teach even though i am so traumatized about this idea? Will the interviewer accept me if i say that the reason why i dont have work after i graduate is because i suffered in disorder? i am not just good in lying during interview because im to nervous to act. Before when i tried to hide this fact in all of my interviews i end up stammering or look less believable. Now i think i should just tell the interviewer about it. im 25 years old and still no job experience.

    11. sometime i watch porn and mustarbate. am a famale. the way i mustarbate is kinda harmful to my body especially i have hemmorrhoids but i just dont care. i cant stop it.

    12. I hate embarrasing myself. That i cried overnight alone remembering those things. I hate disappointing my parents. I remember when i was young that i starve myself and just sleep when i disappoint myself. I had a hard time telling anyone what i really think and what i really feel. Most of the time i act strong and bubbly infront of them. If i cant show a good face i just hide inside my room and pretend that im doing something or at sleep. I love sleeping.

    13. In the present i only remember few things about my past. I Only remember the bad ones. I dont know why but I easily forget things not like before. I also have a not so good memories in school. When i have friends i end up distancing myself to them and made alibis. Acting like im okay and just busy that i cant meet up with them. I just doubt them and myself. In job hunting i always end up reading the interviewers face and mind and always get disppointed when i see them not believing my words.

    14. When i was young i am so much fond of drawing animes, sketching and painting at any given time. But since i enter college i stop doing those things because i feel pity on myself because my father dont want me to pursue fine arts. And drawing make me feel more depressed now.

    14. before i plan to die at age 30 by starvation and malnourishment. i just hate myself and i dont trust anyone. I just dont love myself. but now i really hope to change and want to be cured. I dont want to become a burden to my family anymore. I dont care about myself, i care more about my family. I just feel so guilty and worthless. I owe so much to them.

    15. Since young i grew up in a christian family that values all our churches teachings and rules. Knowing about hell is the only hindrance why i cant kill myself. If i am not a christian and know nothing about hell. I might be long dead now.

    16. In the end of december 2016 i tried to sketch again, hoping that it can help. But lately this day. I only draw a depressing theme and end up destroying the piece because of overwhelming mix emotions that i cant control poured in my hand stroke. I also do not attend the church where i grew up. I avoid reading the bible or talking to God. Your the only person i told about this. Because your the only person i think that can understand about this disorder. And you seems a nice person base on what i can sense on your videos. hope you notice me and answer my questions. tnx.

  6. Im in South Africa and they do therapy and ask you about your story and when I told my lyf story and how I feel and stuff, I dont have to see them again. they think Im heald!!!! what?. Id like to live ober there where they help more… (I think)

  7. I too suffer from agoraphobia, anxiety and panic attacks. It feels like the world is too big. Even a grocery store feels VERY LARGE and scary! Mitchell, thank you for opening up. You two are very funny together, which lightens the mood. I'm the cut-up in my family (and yet I have also suffered from a constant low level of depression & then cyclical depression that will knock me to the ground) since I was 14. I'm 50 now (I have not gotten used to saying that I am 50!!!! Where the Hell have all the years gone by??). My mother is convinced that some of the most brilliantly funny comedians, or just your very funny average Joe or Jill are some of the most depressed people. She thinks that the "gift" of being funny is really just a self defense coping skill…learned through growing up. I think she may be right.

  8. Hi Kati, I was wondering what people can do when panic&agoraphobia reach a level where seeking help by going into a hospital or doctor's office seems in itself too overwhelming/triggering? How can that cycle be broken so that people are in a stable enough state to even undergo treatment?

  9. mitchell is so awesome i love him

    my cousin met her husband at a butterfly museum and she was screaming out of fear and delight as the butterflies landed on her and he just told her the butterflies only attack if they are provoked

    maybe you can think about that when it comes to furniture as well it only attacks if its provoked

  10. since my house wasnt safe i wanted to get out of the house and i would still be alone or trapped in a room i tried to always find a safe hideout in my house even though there was no safe room

    thx for this ha bisky vid i loved this a lot and i dont want any meds i dont care i know cannabis is a great med for mental health and a lot of people i know are smoking it for back problems as well i just found out one of my friends from my ely group has a sciatic nerve problem and he is smoking it for that he says it works extremely well

    michael aranda admitted he smokes for that as well and he says he only does it when its bad and its illegal in his state in my state its decriminalized and my friend can get the card if he needs to

  11. I'm considering taking a hiatus from school. I've taken six classes and gotten five As and one B so I've done well.

    My issue is that I'm still struggling with anxiety. I once worried myself sick. So sick that after school I tried to go to work but threw up in my car.

    Now I'm completely uninterested in school. Not that I don't like the subject but because no matter what I do it feels hopeless to continue.

  12. I thought this was a really good video and you guys together are quite humerouse with seriouse things and it makes it more intresting . really good advice mitchell. kati i think your an amazing therapist i wish you wer

  13. I had watched Mitchell back then, I'm 22 now, going through the same thing as him. It's a weird feeling, because he was one of my favorite YouTubers. I'm glad he got on the right track, I hope to as well, soon.

  14. What I find interesting is that no one would question someone stopping school or work in order to cure a physically apparent illness, they would find it normal wanting to get well before carrying on with life.
    But then why aren't mental illness seen the same way?

  15. I compulsively crack several (most) of my joints and it's starting to cause problems. Been doing it my whole life. How does someone resist/release from detrimental compulsive behavior?

  16. This is just something I'd like to add for others ,I would say the one thing that really helps me is finding a spiritual path.though it's over I was in a girls group where the therapist was friends with a yoga teacher who also helped me find my spiritual path which is Hinduism

  17. I HOPE SOMEONE ANSWERS THIS. I'm finally trying to get help for my anxiety. I don't have a doctor. so I don't know where to start. do I go to a primary doctor? Or do I need to see a therapist? or a psychiatrist? If someone could point me in the right direction I would be so thankful. I feel so overwhelmed and have no one for help.

  18. Kati! Kati! Kati! Thank you soooo much for this video! This post may be kind of long, but I'm compelled to share my journey with panic disorder/agoraphobia!!

    My first panic attack was in the 8th grade (I'm 28 now) and I remember it vividly. I was always the shy kid and when this attack happened I started freaking out in class. Ok, jump forward two years. I found myself looking for any and every excuse for me to skip out of school. The school nurse knew me well 😉. My mom took me to therapy and they diagnosed me with a social phobia. Now, I knew in my heart this was not the problem, but being a young teenager I felt like I wasn't being listened to the way I should be. I loved my friends, had no problems talking to strangers: no social phobia. My parents pulled me out of public school and homeschooled me my final two years of high school. I excelled, I was happy. Even when I started college, everything was perfect. No signs of panic disorder. Fast forward three years into college, I was

  19. I remember Mitchell from so so long ago, and I'm glad there's a discussion about agoraphobia. That's really helpful to me, and I have OCD/panic attacks as well. I'm definitely taking initiative as he suggested with it. I was wondering if you had any more resources for agoraphobia treatment. I went to outpatient and got kicked out after 3 days last summer because I had a panic attack and couldn't handle the group classes, but I go to therapy weekly. Thank you guys! 🙂

  20. It's really nice to see someone who has struggled with agoraphobia talk about their experience. It's not very well known and I don't find as many discussions about it as GAD or MDD which are more commonly known and recognized (I have both as well so I appreciate any conversation around them). Maybe one day I'll find a small community to get involved in! It was really nice to listen to Mitchell and I related to him in many ways, especially with the part with things not feeling 'right' when he was describing OCD. I struggled with that a lot when my GED and agoraphobia weren't being taken care of. I don't know if I would say I have OCD, but my anxiety has given me similar feelings with extreme reactions. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do! <3

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