On the Couch with Kati with MaxNoSleeves! We're Talking about Mental Health! | Kati Morton

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MaxNoSleeves stops by my couch to talk about mental health! He shares when mental health was first talked about, and whether or not he himself has been in therapy before. I hope you are enjoying my “On the couch with KatI” series, and that it shows you not only some really cool YouTubers, but also that everyone has experience with mental health! You are definitely not alone! Max not only shares his experience with therapy, but also how he lost a friend to suicide in high school. Learn how he copes and what he does to better manage his own mental health! Our video on Max’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ev21MicEZSICheck out Max’s channel and subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/user/MaxNoSleevesWEBSITE http://www.katimorton.com
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45 thoughts on “On the Couch with Kati with MaxNoSleeves! We're Talking about Mental Health! | Kati Morton”

  1. I LOVED Middle School. I got along with most people during that time.
    High School, on the other hand, fucking sucked. I never want to go through that ever again.

  2. Hello Kati I love your videos .thank you for all the advice.i really love the on the couch with Kati videos.my high school had great counselors and a club called hra (human relations ambassador ). I always talked with my counselor but all the counselors talked to the the students .there was a huge emphasis on mental Health at my high school ,we even had a mental health week.

    You are awesome I wish you were my therapist . I love writing I guess. you can call it journaling but I write songs.

  3. for me i cant do that walk thing i think to much about what is on youtube i havent watched yet how many days am i still behind in youtubeland

    thx for this ha bisky vid

  4. I love this. I feel like it's helpful to have well known YouTubers on your channel speak out about mental health to break down the barrier/stigma. Especially for younger generations (and men) who seem to have the hardest time seeking help. Thank you both for this video! <3

  5. This format is a good idea… changing up on any given subject is an incredible way to relate to multilevel groups of viewers.
    If you can get the sound evened out…
    so there are fewer times when the sound seems flat and not understandable, that would be ideal.
    You are amazing Kati… I love listening in.

  6. It was really interesting to see a different side the Max behind the fun, confident comedian… A good reminder that we're all human and it's okay to ask for help! Thanks Max for sharing and thanks Kati for doing the important work that you do!

  7. What do you do if therapy isn't working? CBT,DBT,medication, eating well, exercising etc. Different therapists, Drs etc. I'm in my late 20s am married, have a great marriage, great job etc but feel just as bad. At what point is it ok to just try to accept that this is my lot in life and that's it?

  8. Hey Kati ❀️❀️
    First i want to thank you for everything, you always offer me a lot of help, and practical techniques to deal with my sever anxiety.
    Second i want to ask you if it is possible to tell us a way to get rid of my helplessness and dependency on my psychologist when i have an anxiety attack? It s becoming very frequent since i started therapy and i dont always have somone to get me out of it. It feels like a prison no matter what i do until i can talk to him. I would appreciate your help.
    Much much lovee β€οΈπŸ‘πŸΌ

  9. so erm… i need a lil pat on my head.
    ok so today i went to my appointment with my doctor and asked her how to make appointment with a psychiatrist. and guess what she said.
    "everybody felt a little bit stressed. relax. just pray and bla bla bla"

    erm… i don't think constant suicidal thought is normal for everybody.
    i don't think self-inflicted pain is normal.
    i don't think constant mood change is normal.
    so in the end, i don't go meet any professional help.
    but guys… i need help.
    i've been fighting alone for 6 years.
    tried cutting, overdosed and all to end it through out that 6 years.
    i don't know what am i. am i depressed? do i have extreme anxiety?

    give me hope guys…

  10. #katifaq Hi Kati. I have doing DBT for about 6 months after I watched your video and you suggested it for BPD and its has been helping me so much. Thanks so much for that. My question is this: I have been in therapy off and on for 11 years and its only that I am finishing my university degree that I have had the opportunity to establish myself as an adult that I have run into an identity crisis. I understand and accept I have mental illnesses. I feel too well for the depressed girl to be my identity but not well enough to be well to be in the "normal" crowd because I have had many setbacks and delays in my life. How do I strive to establish an new identity when the depressed and mental illness identity fits me like a glove and I feel inadequate in the normal crowd? Any help from you and your Kinoin would be great

    Love from Perth Australia

    P.S. I would be lost in knowing BPD without having stumbled on your video

  11. I love the bonus video! I have a question, so I have been filling my schedule to the brim because I don't like free time and all the social interactions are seriously stressing me out because of the pressure to say the right thing, I don't know how to get away from all the conversations because of the commitment and not being able to cancel like I usually do, any advice?

  12. Hi Kati-
    I'm not happy with my psychiatrist, and I'm looking into switching to someone else. I spent hours today calling my insurance company and doctor's offices. I'm having trouble because all of the doctors I've contacted so far who are covered by my insurance require a referral from a primary care doctor and/or therapist within their own practice. My therapist has a private practice, and I don't want to stop seeing her. Do you have any suggestions on how to find a psychiatrist other than calling back and forth between insurance and doctor's offices? My insurance company has a list of in-network providers online, but it's confusing and incomplete. Do you know if any psychiatrists might make exceptions to this weird referral rule? I know I could get referrals from my therapist and primary care doctor, but I don't understand why these psychiatrists require a referral from someone in their practice. Sorry if I didn't explain this clearly. Any advice would be appreciated. (Also, my therapist did recommend a practice to me, but none of the psychiatrists there accept my insurance.)

  13. Hey Kati. I have a question. Do you have any tips for making friends in high school? I am legally blind, and I stick out like a traffic cone between my cane, braille books, and talking computer. Having a disability that can be seen makes social situations frustrating. I try to be outgoing, but I feel like it gets me nowhere. I am also a bit awkward as well. In a way, I have sort of given up on a social life. I am sorry if this question is pathetic.

  14. we have the Yellow Ribbon project at the 3 school districts in my area. its hard not to wonder what people thinks, I still do it. this was pretty cool, love the bonus videos! good job, both of you ❀

  15. Great video!! I like that you mentioned people can be interested in others with the same gender cause most people forget about it. Pls excuse my bad english, best regards from Germany xoxo βœ¨πŸ’«πŸ™Š

  16. Hi everyone, I hope somebody can help me with that.
    I've been seeing a therapist for a year and a half and she helped me a lot. But she couldn't really help me with my eating disorder. I took a break and decided to search for a therapist who specializes in eating disorders. I have an appointment on Monday with the new therapist but I don't know how to start opening up again. I want to just keep going to my old therapist because I trust her already but I need to keep working on my recovery and she couldn't help me with the ED part. Do you have any advice on what could help?

  17. Hi Kati! I love your videos! Can you please do a video about hypochondria and health anxiety and tips on how to overcome it? I get really bad anxiety attacks over it and I really don't know what to do. Thank you!

  18. I thought this was really cool is this gonna be every Tuesday ? your amazing and you help me a lot u seem even better than my therapist I wish you could be my therapist .

  19. Hello Kati! I know you read your comments so I hope you see this. If anyone else has any advice or any advice on how to get this to Kati let me know. I have severe season affective disorder (I live in Wisconsin, haha.) Fall is the hardest time of year for me. Recently though, since about spring, my mental health has been in tip top shape. It's still August and the weather is still summery, but my mood has already plummeted do to the fact that I know fall is coming. I have been viewing it as my impending doom, but am trying to turn my thinking around to prevent any severe depression from happening. Could you make a video about season affective disorder and any tips going into the changing season. Thanks! Donna. Any help from others too is appreciated!

  20. I like these Couchy ones, and a surprise one to boot! It is wicked helpful to see lots of different kinds of people who have different stories. I can relate to him, I never tell anyone where I'm going.

  21. So interesting to waych you with so many different persons interacting and discussing psychology 101. 😊 I already knew Max with no sleeves back from the good ol' days and I always like him! But dude: this beard, thooouuugh… πŸ˜›

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