Patient view: Life after deep brain stimulation for PTSD


Serena Kelly, a patient with hard to treat PTSD, explains how deep brain stimulation has impacted her life.

On February 7, 2019, Serena became the first patient in Canada to be treated with deep brain stimulation (DBS) for treatment resistant post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as part of a new clinical trial.

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  1. Houston Morris says

    I wonder how this has effected her emotionally, ie depression/GAD

  2. Critic 101 says

    While this treatments come to your state try smoking cannabis (weed) because living unhappy and without peace is worse than being a pot head. Marijuana has helped my ptsd symptoms, including headaches, flashbacks and feel happier. Also check you vitamin levels like magnesium, D3, vitamin B…you might be more sad, depressed, and without energy if your body has deficiency of this. Good luck 🍀

  3. Susan Pollak says

    I have had PTSD all my life and I hope to receive this treatment in the states. Thanks for uploading this video.

  4. Noureddine Larachi says

    Can someone tell me how much it cost the surgery please..I'm struggling form depression and I just lost hope ..I just want to die😢😢

  5. Shay Vidz says

    Soooooo happy for her !!!!! God is good

  6. Joenys Fraticelli says

    I am just crying. I got PTSD and this makes me feel hopefull that one day I will be able to have a normal life.I have been in therapy and it kind of helped but not that much and I refuse to take medication cause I know that can lead to addiction and so much more health problems. I hope one day this get to be accessible to everybody. Thanks to every one involved in this for giving us some hope. I am from Puerto Rico and I hope you guys do some trials here.

  7. ZangelDemon says

    This is promising news. I hope it continues to prove safe and effective, for Serena and everyone else. This sort of treatment is sorely needed and Serena's story gives me hope for the future.

  8. I hope there will be a free trial of this study in the Philippines.

  9. Mark Savage says

    Congratulations Sunnybrook. As a sufferer of both PTSD & BPD I hope sooner rather than later that a treatment is made available for both.
    Cheers from Down Under

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