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It’s the end of the year and the penultimate #Vlognukah! So it’s time to reflect back on the goals I set myself for 2019, and see how I did!

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  1. Steven Archuleta says

    Are those books from Oxford's Very Short Introduction Series on your bottom shelf there?

  2. Peggy Allen says

    i didn't set any real goals for 2019 (i was trying to move back into my own place at the time, after having to crash at my parents for 6 months because i got really ill.) But my focuses of the year both worked out!

    1) My health has improved to the point where i'm living independently again and only use minimal medications/appointments etc. (all chronic illnesses so no cure, just much better management)

    2) I sorted out long term housing and will be moving to a different part of Australia in January that's closer to family and will suit me better. I'm ridiculously excited!

    Hope everyone has a better year in 2020 then ever before X

  3. Sadie Hartley says

    I remember being against to the two channel thing when you asked for opinions! But it's so lovely to hear its helped your mental health and stress levels in relation to work. I'm also a workaholic and perfectionist and can see how that separation will help. Good on you!

  4. Philip Lindley says

    Do you speak that in that odd broken way in real life or is it just the camera?

  5. lazythirdbee vlog says

    i give up on all my goals and i not going to make any this year

  6. Dreamer says

    Hi Hannah , thank you for all the great videos , looking forward to see many more , Happy New Year to you and yours , Dreamer 

  7. justjoske says

    I generally only set a reading goal, which is to read at least 1 book for each month, which I have completed at 67 books for the year 🙂

  8. Darcia G. Laucerica says

    Hannah: "Fucking relax, Hannah!"
    Also Hannah: "I have to SCHEDULE my relaxation!"
    i feel you, girl. this is me.

  9. Rebecca Gleeson says

    Completed 3 of my 5 goals; cook more, which I'm pretty good at now, take more photos, which has gone fairly well (most are still of my cat), finally get in to a good skin care routine, also pretty good at now, still have off days/weeks though. The other 2 goals were about travelling but as I have no money that's definitely not happening 😂

  10. Blair Iris says

    I love this channel! I think you're doing great with it. I always enjoy watching it.

  11. Grace Taylor says

    Hannah- re: getting off the YouTube hamster wheel, I’ve been subscribed to you for a long time and always liked you, but now that you’re posting more of whatever you want, you’re one of the top people I’m excited to watch in my subscription box. It’s working!

  12. Gracie McGee says

    Thank you for using the word penultimate! It is a highly under-used word and I love it!

  13. Livvy Greg says

    I set the goal to do my GCSEs. My health rapidly declined at the start of this year so I had to stop attending school and take all my exams at home. I somehow got a 5 (C/B), two 6s (B) a D* and three *s (A*). Todays my birthday and I'm just so grateful to believe alive because tbh at some points (over the decade in general as well) we were unsure if I was ❤️

  14. Sophie Cleverly says

    My goal was to finish my 7th book (before line edits etc anyway) and to survive the first year with my baby girl – very relieved to report that I managed both 😅

  15. xylene says

    The only real goals I set for myself this year were to buy a house (done) and get a new job where I'd moved to (done). I did also get an adult trike bike to exercise last month. It's now put together and I've ridden it once, so mission accomplished before the end of this year! I plan on watching YouTube less in 2020 and exercising more. 🙂

  16. mexDpeace says

    I would love to see videos on this entrepreneur program!

  17. steph says

    I totally thought your one earring was a nose until about ten minutes into your video rip

  18. Rakel Hanson says

    I am actually only subscribed to this channel as I love Hannah's personality but I am not that interested in the sex ed stuff so this channel is perfect

  19. Anna Tucci says

    My only goal for 2019 was to be kinder to myself. I think I accomplished it 🙂 . Going to continue that one into the new year, but also work on listening to myself. I was trying to come up with goals & realized I have a problem knowing/understanding clearly what it is that I even want. So my first step is going to be working out how to be more honest & connected with myself. Sounds pretty weird but hopefully it'll help lol !

  20. Person Person says

    If you do go to school to talk about sex and relationships, would that just be schools in London or would you go further?

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