Mental health is about more than managing anxiety and depression – it’s a continuum that includes daily stressors as well as the healthy state.

In this session, two clinicians will explore the continuum of mental health and wellness, share the latest research on evidence-based therapies and interventions, and discuss strategies for seeking mental health care and optimizing well-being in the face of challenges. In addition, a parent of a child with CF and an adult with CF will share their personal experiences facing stigma and seeking mental health care.

Originally recorded April 7, 2022.

0:00 | The Real, The Raw, The Mental Health Continuum
0:02:44 | Katie Kirby, an adult with cystic fibrosis, reflects on her journey with mental health
0:07:01 | Dr. Yelizaveta Sher discusses research related to the continuum of mental health
0:15:10 | What are available mental health tools & treatments?
0:27:55 | Laura Tillman, an adult with cystic fibrosis, shares how her late diagnosis contributed to her mental health philosophy.
0:33:37 | Kathy Cooney, a clinical social worker and mental health provider, discusses what is meant by well-being
0:44:34 | Cultivating connections and habits to protect against stress
0:48:18 | When should I seek professional help?
0:51:28 |Tonya Hamilton, a parent of a young adult with CF, discusses her mental health management as a caregiver
0:56:25 | Panelists answer your questions
1:12:22 | Katie wraps up The Real, The Raw, The Mental Health Continuum