Sex and Love Addiction with Borderline Personality Disorder

My experience with sex and love addiction as someone with borderline personality disorder. I have worked hard to understand my feelings about relationships and figure out a way to be healthy! Practicing unconditional love and polyamory has been really helpful for me. I hope this video is helpful to you! /
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24 thoughts on “Sex and Love Addiction with Borderline Personality Disorder”

  1. A challenge for me has been trying to be more flexible and as I did that, I got confused with what is considered a respectful relationship—because I haven’t practiced respecting myself I have poor judgement knowing when my past partners were being respectful to me as a girlfriend. Still questioning that.

  2. It's interesting to me to hear that you have had a love and sex addiction, because I was viewing one of your videos and I thought it seemed paradoxical that you could be so loving or charming, or something like that, yet not require being loved/appreciated by romantic interest, or at least platonically by somebody else in the room. To be able to sustain that kind of personality without being reciprocated in a way. Idk, it's hard to explain. So this makes sense to me that it's something you're growing past/conquering and still trying to figure out. I hope you don't lose that endearing aspect of you by refusing love interests for too long. If you need to be appreciated by someone, then be one with that. =)

    The other comment I wanted to make (because right now I'm at 16:32 in the video) is that I've discovered one small key, at least for me, to being able to love unconditionally. Maybe it's not exactly relevant to what you were talking about, but I wanted to bring it up because it's on the subject of unconditional love. I tend to be very judgmental and resent/despise people for a lot of things, even minor things. (In my defense, though, I'm also a huge fan of a lot of people, most of whom never even know it.) But I discovered recently that instead of fighting with who they are (or fighting with myself about who they are, kinda), I could fully accept who they are without having to see them as being flawless. Instead of seeing their flaws, whether big or small, as being despicable, I could simply see them as being ugly per se and peg them / place them in a certain way in my mind, and then let the energy of acceptance flow. As long as I'm one with myself about who and what they are I can accept them for being that way. I think as long as I let the acceptance / unconditional love flow, and maybe as long as my perception of their ugliness isn't completely misguided (though to a certain degree it's always subjective/relative), they don't psychically resent the way I see them and they appreciate my energy of acceptance.

  3. I've noticed the push to constantly "date" and make relationships romantic/sexual, especially among ever-younger children and teens, seems to be pushed by American culture and exported to the rest of the world. Many non-American friends Ive had have noticed this. As an American myself, Ive felt like young people from outside North America seemed to have larger cross-gender circles of friends, and larger friend circles in general, i think because without a constant pressure to seek romantic partners, people could just connect more as friends and be much more comfortable and trusting with each other.

  4. There are 2 circles I keep. The one I kind of let people in, and the other where I let no one in, where I don't want people to see the real me. I keep this mental burial ground, where I can bury people in my mind that have disappointented me and have loss all sense of trusts.

  5. BPD or no, it’s my observation that a large majority of people struggle with being alone. I always feel different because most of my friends and peers engage in serial monogamy or at least go through many casual romantic encounters when they aren’t in a relationship. As I’ve gotten older my general disinterest bothers me less. I think that wanting connection is a great thing. It’s good to know like you said if you’re being codependent or sacrificing your own needs though.

  6. my boyfriend broke up with me July 29th 2019 ever since then I was forced to be independant and love myself 💜 at one point I felt like I wanted to die though and I still believe that we will come back together and back into alignment. Maybe thats whats keeping me going on my own 💜

  7. Division is coming. Relationships are dissolving. And it's as natural as cellular mitosis. The One becomes the Two. After which you'll be in a different now. Take your pick. It matters not. A high tide floats all boats.

  8. Altho ' I cannot agree with your comparation of alcoholism, is great to hear a good self exploration like you did, and how you used to advance is a awesome way to motivate insight in the audience, but sometimes a little professional help is what it takes to kickstart self improvement. Also you show great levels of empathy and thats a welcome sight indeed , unicheers!

  9. I thought love was sacrifice 2 <3 I finnally had to stop. It kept breaking my heart when Id realize the people I did that for would never do the same for me…
    Another great vidio <3 I love hearing your experience, I relate to it alot.

  10. i can relate to this so hard. i'm trying to be single for a while but i feel inadequate, even though i don't even want to be in a relationship any more!

  11. Love and sex are not desires that those of child producing age should separate from nor to consider it in addiction terms.
    Addiction needs treated as different than the choices with those impulses.

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