Should I talk to my teacher about my issues?

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1. is a teacher the right person to talk about mental illnesses? Maybe to find a tharapist&get things out of your chest??
2. How can I make people I care about understand how I am feeling when I am unsure myself !! Frustration is all I feel.
3. hey I was wondering what emotional dysregulation is and is it a symptom or a disorder?? Journal Topic: Thanks Gloria!! Mirror, mirror on the wall
I always get up after I fall,
And whether I run, walk
Or have to crawl,
I’ll set my goals and
Achieve them all.
I just thought that it applied to how hard recovery can be but also how Determined we are to succeed in recovery.
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44 thoughts on “Should I talk to my teacher about my issues?”

  1. i have messaged my school counsellor its taken me a year to even tried contact her so i will be talking with her next year but i am really scared for I don't want anyone to know or for them to tell my parents

  2. Last year my English teacher was my best fiend, my mentor. But this year is so different she ignores me, I’ve tried to talk to her but she avoids me with no compassion. I miss our relationship I don’t know what I did wrong. 😭😭😭

  3. Dear dr. Kati Morton, should I let me teachers know that I'm diagnosed with BPD and social anxiety to make them understand my unusual behavior? They probably assume that I'm just lazy and don't care about my studies but the truth is, I spent more time on it than most.

  4. Does anyone know if school guidance counselors tell your parents you talked to them. Like not about self harm or anything like that. Just talking to them about drama in general

  5. Me: shows scars on a walk in the countryside
    Also me: sees teacher and tries to hide scars but isn’t fast enough. At least it was a teacher I trust and could actually help me

  6. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help Im really struggling on how to tell my pe teacher that I’m having issues with a boy now I only have him every two weeks and I get too nervous to speak to him so I end up having to wait for another 2 weeks please please any suggestions on how to bring it up without seeming weird or pathetic xx

  7. My teacher is my mother, YEET

    When I try to tell my mom I'm frustrated, upset, anxious, stressed… Half the time I don't know why but when I do know why shell just get mad at me. I don't know what to do and I can't really ask her to go to clubs and groups cuz then shell get all offended and say "Well, why can't you talk to me?" Its just frustrating!

  8. My professor at the school one of math ones very supportive during the last spring I had mental health crisis she saw I was not okay and she sat and talked hours with me.. I didn't even have my stuff even my phone that's how bad I was.. my stuff was in the lab the main lady was getting ready to lock up and saw me come back she said we were worried couldn't find you and she saw me crying.. at that time I realized I had to drop 2 classes and keep the one before I ended up being admitted that next week dropped all out..

  9. Here i'm…
    Finding help from someone for my problematic life, im scared to ask help to my parents…
    Teachers seems more…
    Ya know…

    And if they talk about it whit parents maybe my parents will belive them…
    I hope

  10. I mentioned the scars on my arm in a poem that i've written and knowing that my English teacher would probably have to say or do something She’s so, so lovely. she asked to talk to me after class, for the next two hours I was out of my mind terrified. I’d never told anyone except my sister saw the scars once. She asked me if I meant what it sounded like and we talked about it and I was tearing up because I hate talking about my feelings and shit and I didn’t want to put all this on her, and she was like ‘you look like you’re gonna cry, and it’s gonna make me cry’, and ‘I just want to hug you right now’, then we just had a nice conversation about different things. I think its a great decision but its also so terrifying to tell the teachers but it really help.
    But she left this year, but still i can text her …..

  11. I'm anorexic and bulimic and no-one knows only a few friends and I was thinking about telling my principle I don't want to but I want to get better I tried to stop but I can't I really really want to but I can't

  12. My 6th grade math teacher was a young woman she would always let me talk to her about my depression, and anxiety, etc. I can always go to her even if she has a class! I still go to her almost every day and now I'm in 8th grade!! She is the best!! I'm so glad God put her in my life because she has had such a big impact on my life!!!!

  13. A few weeks ago, I had a project to present for my social studies class. My teacher is amazing, caring, and she talks about her interests, like her favorite singer, football team, about her family, etc. Anyways, I have really bad anxiety when I present projects, and it was very visible while I was presenting, and she basically told me to sit down and she gave me a hug bc I was the first person to present. Then I emailed her about the presentation, and she got the email and gave me a hug for it. Then today in homeroom, I emailed her again, and provided even more information on my depression and anxiety. She ended up telling the vice principal for our grade, I understood though. I have social studies for 5th period, and during 2nd period I was called to the vice principals office, and she and I had a nice long, conversation. Once I got to 5th period, my teacher grabbed me by my arm, and pulled me into the hallway. This was a really short conversation, and she basically said she didn't want me to feel like she betrayed my confidence. She gave me a hug, and then a fist bump.

  14. My situation is slightly different I have been doing in bad at sixth form ( in UK ) which is like college I told my one of my english teachers about my dad having cancer and she had to send the info to the pastoral leader who is also my psychology teacher we talk about it and he was very upfront because when he was younger he lost his dad so we had a connection sort of and he could also tell that I had social anxiety and helped me through with that the best thing is we would have little meetings in school to see how I am coping. My parents weren't told about this but i f I did decide to go counselling the would find out so I decided to carry on having daily meeting with my psychology teacher and helped me alot

  15. I have a mean teacher. She makes me cry. She makes me feel like a horrible person
    Edit: just adding that she Threatened me with a detention, left me in the hall for 30 min then told me to wash off my face, now I’m not doing work because, treat people how you want to be treated ya know? Now she is going to give me a detention on my birthday. She is a sick f-uck-

  16. #katiFAQ hi I'm new to you're channel and I've seen two videos of yours already and I see that you talk about depression a lot I've been dealing with depression since I was in middle school and I'm in high school no and my depression left for a little while but came back I don't know what I should do my parents don't understand and I can't tell my friends and I'm not sure if I can speak to my teacher about it what should I do?

  17. At my school, they are only legally obligated to report things regarding suicide, homocide, and abuse. I've had school people call home on three separate occasions after finding out about suicidal thoughts

  18. Today it was shit this teacher made me cry and made the situation worse for me and my anxiety then my friends tried to help me and they ended up getting in trouble and they cried to. Then she brought me to the councilour and made me sound like a devil child and then I went back to class, my friend wanted to bring me to the councilor and I said no because I thought she wouldn't do anything because it is about a teacher. What do you think I should do? Because I want people to know what happened but I'm nervous it will go wrong.

  19. Most my teachers don't care. I mean I have a few who r lovely and I can speak to but I act out because I don't know how to deal with my mental illness and I just get mistakes for "naughty"

  20. i told my teacher something that was really bothering me and really putting me down and he was the best person ever and he then talked to me and gave me good advice but then he told my p.s.e teacher (person who deals with that stuff) and she threatened to tell my parents and she forced me to do something i didnt want to do !!! my liife is litterly a living hell right now…..i then had some more issues in school and i dont trust my friends or teachers and im scared of what my parents will say so what now….its got to the point of cutting my wrists and im only 14 and my life sucks 🙁 what now !!

  21. I think I have clinical depression but I'm not sure I feel like my parents would be mad and think it was a joke if I told a teacher and they found out. I only have a small amount of friends and only 2 of them know I'm only in first year and I feel like I might sink into suicidal thoughts or something like that my teachers are worried but I'm afraid to tell them they know something's up please can someone give me advice.😭

  22. my english teacher is a young women, she always seemed very strong and confident to me. she found my page on instagram where i share my thoughts and stuff about my depression, anxiety and eating disorders. so after class yesterday she wanted me to stay and said she wants to know how i'm doing and if she could maybe help me. i told her the truth and she just listened. then she opened up about herself and told me she used to self harm too because of the stress at college, and that she was in therapy for until 4 years. i was pretty surprised, but happy cause she understood my feelings. she offered me to give me the number of her therapist or talk to my parents or the school councilor. she also told me i can tell her whenever stuff gets bad or when i just need someone to talk to. i'm so glad she talked to me❤

  23. my friend was reading my notebook that had stuff about my mental health in it, and she saw the words, "self harm" and took my notebook while my friend got caught reading it. she was required to tell the school counselor. this is happening right now, but I begged her not to tell my parents because they will freak out and if I ever tell them, I want to be the one to tell them. so, tomorrow I have to see the school counselor and I have no idea how it's gonna go. I'm terrified that the school counselor will contact my parents, and the things I write are when I'm the most upset, so not all of it was when I was thinking rationally. I just never want to go to school again.

  24. I was called to see the social worker at school and she told me that multiple teachers of mine notified her about my self harm. This was a few months ago & I still dont know which teachers noticed. It really frustrates me that i sit in class everyday not knowing if that teacher knows or not. im not mad at them, if anything im thankful but sadly she isnt allowed to tell me.

  25. I told two of my teachers throughout high school about my depression and self-harm, and they were EXTREMELY supportive. I'm in college now and I still keep in touch with them both. They made sure I was doing ok every now and then, and if there was ever an assignment that I would need some extra time on, they understood and were more than willing to help me out.

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