Hello, and welcome to another episode of Some Random Thoughts. I am your host Ryan Mulkowsky.

On this episode, I have with me my special guest,

Dr. Katie Blake

Dr. Katie is a social psychologist and educator whose primary work is helping women navigate the experience of deconstruction, belief change and spiritual exile.

She earned her PhD in Social Psychology and has 15 years of experience teaching in colleges & universities. She has been teaching online courses and creating online spaces for 12 years. She hosts an online community called The Collective for women who are deconstructing religious & cultural programming.

Dr. Katie is also a 500-hour Masters-level yoga instructor and has taught yoga and meditation for 7 years. She is a novice roller-skater and lives in the Texas desert with her husband.

In this episode, we discuss the psychological affects of deconstruction and aspects found in fundamentalist, toxic forms of religion such as patriarchy, supremacy, and other systems of oppression such as racism, sexism, ableism, classism, ageism and heterosexism. We talk about how to dismantle toxic beliefs and integrate new, healthy beliefs in your life.

Thank you for listening and enjoy.

Where to find Dr. Katie:

Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram: @drkatieblake
Website: drkatieblake.com