Targeted Individuals Chat: Art Therapy Session and Intention Setting

I’m just in the studio working on some paintings and spending time hosting #targetedIndividual topics, #gangstalking, #earthenvessels, and #Seers all welcome.

Anyone else feeling like joining us you can feel free to join the chat. You guys can grab whatever paper and supplies you want and I may get the bug kids and crystals out too. It’s art therapy time with the NLP coach. I’m a certified life coach who has been through targeting and a Seer anointed in the Spirit who does offer 1 on 1 sessions of neuro linguistic programming.

I’ll explain what that is in the session today but today we’re doing some art therapy, a little dbt and discussing your Q and A’s about gangstalking and remote neural monitoring, the beast and of course ascension and your life purpose.

If you are a Seer or you consider the fact that by now you must be walking in a sanctification or an atonement that maybe is why you are targeted by the beast and community Gangstalking then it’s probably likely you’ve developed some intense metaphysical abilities, these are divine gifts such as the Seer Gift, like me.

I consider these gifts of the Holy Spirit and it’s important that we find ways of expressing our God given gifts..I encourage you to Subscribe and join our group for Seers called GivenRights on Facebook.

Let’s see well if you need one on one sessions with me to get your intentions set for this Full Moon coming up January 17th, I’ll be in prayer and ritual that night where I go into prayer in the Spirit and also do a universal asking for your requests..this is absolutely free just reach out to me by email at

Usually what will happen is I’ll get a vision on your situation and we set up a video chat to discuss what I’ve seen. They are for 30min or 1 hr sessions and cost $20 or $40 for the whole hr.
Same for coaching too..same prices

You can book a session through email or on our Facebook Page CutthroatSociety also Google Maps Cutthroat Customs Society for in person appointments. If you live in Charleston

While in the Spirit on your situations I often craft charms of attraction which I post on Etsy after reserved for you and you can buy your charm(s) and they are charged bottles of crystals that are designed to be manifestation aids only in attracting Angels and People to take interest in your situation naturally by the Universes responding to the with answers as well as divine intervention from God or his angels.

You do not have to buy your charm but if you do want it you can click on the link in the banner for our Etsy store the7thandRoses where I have charms that are pre-made and videos showing what they can do for you to help you manifest what I pray for in the Spirit for you basically using the law of attraction and what’s revealed to me in a prophetic vision.

Ok just click SUBSCRIBE, like the video, and share grab some art stuff and click on the link in the banner for the targeted individual Etsy Shop. Email me for questions.

Get your emails and intentions in this week early. I can only do up to like 10 to 11 people in a session so spots are limited for charms and intention setting. for all of are targeted individuals shirts and Merch, charm orders and all that stuff