In this video we talk about the three modes of brainchange.

The hope and possibility that the findings of neuroscience over the past 3 decades are a real, tangible, and not to be underestimated.

The brain can change. Your brain can change.

Most of us have some pattern or habit that does not represent the best version of ourselves. In those cases, it surly is good to know that we CAN change our brain.

Without that knowledge, we might feel victim to our “fate” and our brain begins to feel like the enemy, at cross purposes with us.

We might feel divided and wayward.

This can lead, or contribute greatly, to struggles with mental health, like anxiety, depression, chronic stress, poor sleep, low motivation, suicidal thoughts and more.

Step one: know that your brain can change based on your Attention and your Intention.

What do you focus on? That is what grows.

What is your intention? Do you seek to improve or do you just say “forget it”?

Step two: strategy.

Which method of brainchange should you utilize to your benefit? There are 3 distinct modes to brainchange.

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