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This is the best/top team that I’ve used for the Retro cup! Its super meta. The Walrein/Trevenant core is so powerful in open great league and its even better in the Retro cup. Put in the fact Psychic is one of the most powerful typings before Dark, Steel, and Fairy was released. This team with expert shield and energy management will create a ton of win conditions for you!

00:00 Opening
00:23 Intro
02:08 Therapist Mental Health Tip of the day
04:48 Winning lead vs Talonflame (Hi Go Battle Lag)
06:59 Mirror lead vs Walrein (How to play the mirror #1)
09:54 Mirror lead vs Walrein (How to play the mirror #2)
12:26 Losing lead vs Poliwrath (How to play losing lead #1)
14;50 Losing lead vs Medicham XL (How to play losing lead #2)
17:51 Closing Remarks

Music is Poké & Chill
by GameChops:

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