We have seen our esteemed guests, and they are us! Paul Williams ( @PaulNWilliamz (https://twitter.com/PaulNWilliamz) ) leads the discussion with Matt Watto ( @DoctorWatto (https://twitter.com/DoctorWatto) ) and Beth “Garbs” Garbitelli ( @bethgarbitelli (https://twitter.com/bethgarbitelli) ) on the evaluation and management of common causes of edema.

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Written and produced by: Paul Williams, MD, FACP
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Hosts: Matthew Watto MD, FACP; Paul Williams MD, FACP; Beth Garbitelli
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Show Segments

Intro, disclaimer
Picks of the Week*
The case of Lynn Fedema
Pathophysiology of edema
Differential diagnosis of chronic edema
Chronic edema work-up
Management of chronic edema
Calvin Fedema and acute edema
Evaluation of acute edema

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