There are Benefits of Treating Depression With Laughing


Do you remember as a child laughing so hard that your sides would hurt and tears would even roll down your face? When was the very last time you remember laughing like that that since you’ve been an adult? It’s probably been a long time right? A study discovered that the average kindergarten child laughs about 300 times each day compared to adults who find themselves laughing a lowly 17 times per day. If that sounds like you, then maybe it’s time you started laughing more.

Laughing is something that makes people feel better both physically and emotionally. There are a huge amount of research studies have shown that laughing can help people with everything from cardiovascular health to reducing anxiety and depression.

Wonderful Benefits of Laughing

  • Laughter can strengthen our immune system by activating the cells that attack invading viruses.
  • By laughing, people can often lower their blood pressure by inducing relaxation and helping to prevent the release of stress hormones like cortisol.
  • Some people say that laughing feels like jogging internally as they inhale oxygen which then helps to stimulate the heart and blood circulation.
  • Laughter is a great way of releasing endorphins that help give you a sense of well being. Endorphins are also our natural painkillers.
  • Laughter can help to reduce anxiety and stress. This is because it naturally will help to relax you. Laughter also helps to lower your heart rate which in turn decreases blood pressure.
  • There are some experts who believe that laughing can help to increase your creativity because it encourages you to look at things differently.
  • There are social implications as well. Laughing can be a great way of improving our mood through that social connection and it gives a feeling that you belong when you laugh with other people. It can lower our feelings of alienation and the risk of depression.

Laughter as Therapy

When we find ourselves laughing at a comic on TV or a funny movie helps to lift our moods and it can even be taken one step further by using laughter in group therapy sessions. When laughing is included in a therapeutic manner can actually help many who are suffering from depression. A new method that’s called “Laughter Yoga” is starting to gain some ground as a legitimate treatment for both anxiety and depression.

This type of therapy sees groups of people coming together to do exercises that combine yoga along with forced laughing. Those who run these types of groups say that people don’t need to be laughing at a joke to get the same benefits of laughter. They believe that by chanting things like “Ho, Ho, Hah, Hah!” while marching and clapping to the rhythm of the chant is just as beneficial as real laughing.

The belief in laughing therapy isn’t that laughter can solve problems but is can give a person the energy to help them face their problems, look at life differently and in a more positive light. Some say that just by watching laughing therapy can make a person burst out in giggles.

The Social Part

It’s the social part of this laughter therapy helps to create a wonderful feeling of connection and without any “social hierarchy”. The great thing about laughing is that it has no barriers, no religion, and no language problems. Everyone understands laughter. Laughter is truly the great equalizer and a wonderful way for everyone to join together no matter who they are or what their background.

One of the best things about this kind of therapy is that it is so easy. Laughter is always infectious. The old saying of “Laughter is the best medicine.” is so true with this type of therapy.

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