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Most of us aren’t trained in how to manage conflict, especially when it’s with our kids.

Yet it’s learning to manage our own emotions when stressed that is the best way to help our children learn to manage their own.

In our May webinar, we are proud to host Nicole McGarry, LPC, PLLC who presented:

“Using DBT Skills to Reduce Conflict in Our Families”

Nicole’s work as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Parent Consultant, and Clinical Supervisor as well her training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) has focused heavily on helping families learn emotional regulation skills.

During this webinar, she shared:

-How parents can be non-reactive to be more effective at guiding behavior
-How we can help our children be more responsible for self-regulating
-How the skills of Distress Tolerance and Radical Acceptance can improve emotional regulation.