Ways to Make Peace With Yourself


He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the world.” – Marcus Aurelius

So, if this is true, how can you find peace of mind? This is a question that’s often asked and for a lot the answers they find don’t always satisfy. There are some who say that peace of mind is security, others say it’s all about de-cluttering your life and finding calm and stillness. Some also say it’s all about accepting yourself and letting things go. And others say it’s about what you do.

Answer Really is Simple

When comes right down to peace of mind, the answer is really simple. You peace and your state of mind by all the things you do combined that with the things that you tell yourself. The important thing to remember is, as long as you act with integrity each day, you can feel at peace with yourself.

It’s important to remember that nothing remains the same and life is tough at times and there are going to be things that are going to upset you. This is just the way things work.

Hang Onto Your Integrity

No matter what might be happening to you in your life, if you hang onto your integrity, you can actually go to bed at night with a free and clear conscience. It’s also true that no matter how hard things get in life, you can still obtain a wonderful sense of peace.

As simple as that answer seems to be for obtaining peace of mind, it does take practice to really feel it. It also can sometimes be a little difficult to maintain your integrity. But, here are a few tips that might help you capture that peace of mind you are looking for.

Make Sure You Know Your Own Ideal Self

Take some time out of your day and make a list of what you believe are all of your good qualities. These are the qualities that you want to cultivate more. Ask yourself if you want to be kinder, more tolerant, fairer, more patient, more magnanimous, more dignified? Also write down your responses to things that are difficult in your life and include the principles do you also want to be able to uphold?

Do the Next Right Thing for Your Peace of Mind

If you have been struggling with your mental and emotional state, making it hard to find that peace, then it might be hard, at first, to always act with integrity at certain times. You may end up finding yourself making a variety of mistakes and even behaving in not as muc of an ideal way as you might want. So, if you are finding it hard to stick to all of your principles, then try practicing doing what might be the “next right thing” to do at that particular time in your life.

Let Go of the Idea of Perfectionism

You’ll never feel peace of mind if you hold onto the idea that you have to be perfect at all the things that you do. You life will be a lot simpler and easier if you just let go of the idea of perfectionism, because no one is perfect, no matter who they might be. If you are seeking perfection you are just going to beat yourself up when you fail. It’s only going to make you angry at yourself for not living up to your own expectations. It’s important to let yourself be imperfect but at the same time still make progress in your life.

Make Amends Right Away

Obtaining peace of mind requires that you make amends right away. This is especially true if for some reason you even think you treated someone unkindly, unfairly, or you did something mean or dishonest against them. It’s important for your peace of mind to make amends with this as soon as possible. You shouldn’t wait. You need to correct theses mistakes as soon as you can. When you do this you’ll find that peace of mind because it will relieve your feelings of guilt or even the ill feelings you may have had about this person.

It’s Important to Practice Patience

People around you don’t always live the same way that you do, but that shouldn’t matter. You don’t have to live with that, they are the ones that have to deal with their own conscience to live with at the end of each day while at the same time you do. Make sure to try and pick a response to them and their decisions that will give yourself peace of mind. If you become irritated with things others might be doing, try to take a deep breath before you actually react those who might be able to “push your button”.

Let Your Heart and Head Support You

You are never going to have peace of mind if you let negativity to dominate your thinking and your life. It’s important to try and understand other people instead of judging them. Make sure to forgive people and you will free yourself. Show compassion and always try to be the “Good Samaritan”. Not only will you increase your sense of self-esteem, others around you will benefit as well.

Think About the Long Term

It can be tempting to lose it when you feel frustrated or angry. But you need to think more about how you’re going to feel about your actions and yourself after you have lost your cool. Are you going to be happy about the way you behaved? Is it going to bring you peace of mind? If it’s not, then simply don’t do it!

Always Validate Yourself

You’ll never get that true feeling of peace if you forget to take the time to acknowledge the peace. In difficult times, you should look at what you have done well. If you are struggling, take notice of any progress that you have accomplished and give yourself credit for it. At the end of every day, it’s important to sit down and summarize how you have acted well and made an effort to keep your integrity. This validation is key in obtaining your peace of mind.

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