What do I do if my parents think I'm more recovered than I am? Twitter Thursday! #KatiFAQ

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Twitter Thursday 1. #katifaq With all my issues, I feel a doctor will brush me off or take it too seriously. What should I do? :(2. #KatiFAQ Is it possible to have an ED voice without an ED? Or is it more likely that you’d truly have an ED & just not realize/accept it?3. #katifaq what do u do when ur parents think ur recovered from sh because ur in therapy but really ur worse off then when they 1st found out?Journal Topic: “When I is replaced by We, Illness becomes Wellness”DOWNLOAD MY FREE WORKBOOKS HERE…Self-Harm
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35 thoughts on “What do I do if my parents think I'm more recovered than I am? Twitter Thursday! #KatiFAQ”

  1. When I was first struggling with depression (didn't know what was wrong with me),I went to the college health services center because I didn't know where else to go. The doctor was very caring, all he did was ask if I was eating right and exercising. I said yes and I cried a little because I ran a few miles a day, healthy vegan diet etc and nothing was working. He said it can help, just keep doing what you're doing, and he prescribed me anti-depressants which really helped in the end. It was a good experience

  2. Please read if you're struggling with an Eating disorder : The first time I went to the doctors i was completely unprepared and on top of that he said anything i wanted to say would have to be in front of my Mam!! At this point i hadn't ever said out loud i had an eating disorder so instead of admitting it when my Mam brought it up due to her being there i just denied it and cried.

    The second time i got a lovely doctor and took along a friend aswell as notes of what i wanted to say, it went great and now I'm in recovery and gaining weekly 😀 RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE IF YOU'RE STRUGGLING REACH OUT. Even if it goes to poo the first time, try, try and try again! YOu deserve help.

  3. I know we all find It hard to tell our doctor these things but in my case my doctor turned out to help me more than my mom and I do not regret going.

    When I first told my mom about my depression she didn't believe me and she thought it was just period hormones or something (but I can't blame her because no parent wants their child to have a mental health issue). But I asked her if we could go to the doctor. There, my doctor asked what I was there for and I told her verbatim "I think I have depression" and, with my permission, she asked my mom to leave the room and my doctor asked me everything I did and I told her about self harm, eating disorders, anxiety, etc. She came to the conclusion that I did in fact have depression and she referred me to a couple therapists and gave me some low dose zoloft as a "band aid" until I could get to therapy.

    It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be and I definitely recommend that you go if you think you're dealing with a mental health issue!

  4. I'm kind of confused with question 2. Can someone please help me understand? If you have a voice that's saying "Don't eat until your parents come home," is that considered an eating disorder?

  5. In the book Goodbye Ed Hello Me by Jenni Schaefer, she addresses the question for number 2. She talks about what she calls a societal ED voice that lies within pretty much everybody. She assures us that it does not necessarily mean we have an eating disorder, so it could just be that you are noticing the impact that the media and peers put on you to feel thinner and you have normal lapses in positive body image! Hope this helps.

  6. my best advice for seeing a gp/doctor: Dont beat around the bush. so, um, like i probably havent been eating enough lately…will more than likely get you brushed off. be direct and honest. also, if you have several issues, choose the one or two that are most urgent. 

  7. Hey guys yes to answer the first question lists are a must have I find appointments hard to remember why I am there as I get flustered and then I come out thinking oh should have asked that or I didn't understand what was discussed!! Also make notes while you are there too, I find that helpful when trying to explain to my support or my mum about my appointments!!

  8. In the uk with the NHS it takes a lot of opening up to a lot of different people to get referred to a specialist.
    I would advise you to be as honest as possible and don't downplay anything in order to get referred fast!

  9. #katifaq  My therapist told me that we would be stopping our sessions together soon because she believes that i am better. But because shes so happy with me, i'm scared to tell her that i'm relapsing into my ed again. what should i do?

  10. With regards to talking to doctors, I live in the UK so did need to go through a GP for referrals (although there are a few places which accept self-referral, e.g. my university counselling service). I had one GP who didn't really take me seriously, which put me off for a while, but then I went to see a completely new GP – you don't have to stick with your regular doctor if you don't find them helpful!!! I literally went in and said "I have an eating disorder", he asked a couple of questions (behaviour-related), took my weight and height, sorted out for me to have blood tests done, and encouraged me to go to the drop-in centre for the ED service that same day (which I then went to, and they got him to do the referral). I also found it helpful to arrange to meet with someone after (my supervisor/unofficial tutor on my course, but it could be anyone you can talk to) in case it didn't go well. It actually really worked out, because then she pushed me to go to the drop-in centre after out meeting. So, yeah… I'd encourage anyone asking for help to go in and state what is wrong – don't try to avoid or downplay the issue. It also helps if you know what you would like them to do, i.e. I could have gone "I have an eating disorder and I need a referral for some sort of psychotherapy". Be as assertive as you can 🙂

  11. I'm a little bit disappointed with the journal toüocs lately because I think they become a bit repetitive… They mostly revolve around the same things and I think today's journal topic was actually already used in one of the older Q&As 🙁 I love the journal topics and always do them, but they become very repetitive unfortunately 🙁

  12. When i went to my gp (in th uk) i just said everything in the simplest form and them said that I needed help. He acted very quickly and I was seen by a psychiatrist within a few days. Going to my doctor was the beat desicion I've made, if you need help please go get it

  13. #katifaq Hi Kati, I've hated myself since I was 8 years old. I'm 14 now and last year I tried to kill myself. However, once I was brought to the hospital I lied to the doctors so they let me go home. My parents made me go to therapy, but I lied my way out of that too. Since then I've been struggling a lot, but nobody seems to notice. I don't really know what to do, I'm scared nobody will believe me because I'm "okay" in their eyes. What should I do?

  14. Question #3 was basically exactly what happened with me. I was in therapy and it seemed as though I was doing worse but my parents thought I was doing way better
    I probably should have been more honest with both parties and told them what was really going on

    By the way, I love your videos!

  15. The first question: actually I've found that doctors have always wanted to know more specifics with my behaviours; specifically how often I use behaviours, how long restrictions etc last. I'm not saying it's super scary but be prepared to get those kinds of questions

  16. Ontario Canada- I spoke to my doctor about my struggles with ED, Addiction, and self harm.  At first I thought (before I talked to her) that she was a real bitch.  I didnt like or trust her.  But I knew it was getting really dangerous (my actions) and I had to say something.  I didnt look at her when I told her, I couldnt bring myself to do that. BUT, she was actually really caring and I got a referral to an Eating Disorders Program, and she talked with my support worker to try to work as a team.  Now I can call her and make an appointment if things are bad, and I go for tests on my blood and heart every two weeks.  She gained my trust that day.  It was a really good experience 

  17. I'd like to have your advice. By the way I always love your videos. I was raped a year ago by my own brother. I went through a numb stage and I finally told my school counselor. She's encouraging me to seek professional therapy but I'm kinda scared to do so. I don't like talking about what happened but I've seen myself change so much. I get frightened and scared so easily and I don't want to be afraid anymore but at the same time I'm scared talking about it, my body gets shaky and my heart pounds like crazy. Any suggestions on how to overcome this? Thanks

  18. I have a question. When you are talking about an "ED voice" is it more like hearing a separate voice not part of yourself or is more of thoughts that you create? I don't have either I'm just curious 🙂

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