What does BEING TRAUMATIZED mean? | Kati Morton

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Trauma. It can be a tricky thing to have to deal with. Many of us have been through a traumatic event in our lifetime, and many of us have PTSD as a result. Today we are talking about being traumatized but not having PTSD and what that can look like. Of all the things I talk about in this video, I want the key takeaway to be that we cannot compare our experience to anyone else’s. We can be in the same situations and experience the same things and yet come out with different struggles as a result. Everyone is different and everyone’s set of coping skills, genetic make up, and resiliency is different. Here’s the question I talked about today:
Hey kati, my therapist says I’m really traumatized. I never really thought I was but I’ve realized I really am. I was wondering if you would be able to do some more videos on trauma, and being “traumatized” also how to know if you are traumatized and just things around it like what can be a trauma or cause it. Not just PTSD because that doesn’t always come with trauma..??? So yeah it would be really great if you maybe could. WEBSITE http://www.katimorton.com
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36 thoughts on “What does BEING TRAUMATIZED mean? | Kati Morton”

  1. What if people don't realize that you are traumatize and get diagnosed with other disorders. I was diagnosed with Asperger's. I disagree with it, I understand sarcasm and read people pretty well. I'm not always right and make mistakes like everyone. I only realized and am realizing that my behaviours like withrawl were trauma responds. I'm only starting to work on them now.

  2. As a kid, I was always afraid of abandonment– every time something bad or unfamiliar happened or could happen, I may as well been screaming in my head for my mom. I have both parents. Until my twenties, I thought of our relationship as mostly good (I now know there was quite a bit of emotional abuse going on). Even as an adult I have out of place fears if you consider my upbringing (aka, a wholesome family). Now, I look at the emotional abuses and wonder if my attachment wasn't well and that causes all the anxieties and fear of abandonment. Those emotions are sewn into my memories as far back as I can recall. No specific event–just any little, uncertain thing brings a freezing moment of panic, hoping Mom will "fix" things (even if there's nothing to fix), fearing people close to me will suddenly vanish forever.

  3. For those of you saying you can’t afford therapy, download the “Better Help” app. It’s means tested and works out to around $180 a month. Before you say you can’t afford that, look at some things you could cut out (manicures, Starbucks, magazines) and think about doing some overtime/extra work to get the money. Getting therapy could, and probably will, be the best thing you’ve ever done in your life. No shame in needing help or being vulnerable, take care of yourself everyone.

  4. Everyone, please just keep researching and learning about your issues and get help where you can! I know from many many years of experience you must face issues and work through them or they never go away. I am still working on facing unbelievable childhood and youth traumas.

  5. I’ve endured 20 years of certain traumas going through my head and been only sometimes talking about them with friends. I’m trying to find a therapist now to resolve them. Wondering if I’ll find someone.

  6. Yes I relate to this I was bullied from a young age I couldn’t understand or process it at that age,but as I grew older it started to haunt me.Ive had to completely build myself back up again.I was called gay,girly,soft,feminine constantly at that time I took it to heart it made me feel weak.Ive had to get rid of those limiting beliefs because they made me so insecure.I may always be called these names but I’m thankful for trauma and hardship because personally it has made me a stronger,resilient,and wise person capable of so much.

  7. Yes. Unbearable experience is what defines trauma.

    Developmental trauma (Adverse Childhood Experience) changes brain development and organization, at a deep level. Small children don't have the equipment to even process great upheaval and distress, particularly without consistent support. Safety is absent in this experience of trauma.
    So trauma isn't superficial. You can be outwardly functional in life but not healed or resolved inside. Dealing with this takes some study and methodology, maybe arriving at some crisis to start to see and understand what is there.

    Adult trauma or PTSD is different in that the person has a pre-trauma personality and a pre-trauma experience, so they can rationalize that whatever took place in the event of the trauma is not what is supposed to normally happen. They have more ways to cope with it over time.

    But a young child doesn't have that level of resiliency because they are still developing the rudimentary parts of their mind and personality, they have no pre-trauma memory and are completely exposed to the harm it causes.

  8. Hey can anyone tell me why I really want to be traumatized. I’ve really wanted to be traumatized for years and I don’t know why.I am young and have been abused physically and emotionally. Thank you to anyone who can help

  9. You've given me hope at a very hard time in my life. Trauma and abandonment issues have lead to my relationship having problems lately but between your videos, having seen a therapist once so far and following up I have so so much hope that things will work out amazingly. I have begun healing and can feel myself becoming a great man, I'm becoming more confident and excited about life. Thank you Katie!

  10. what if i was traumatized, but i was so traumatized that i just dont remember anything that happened ?? but the trauma still affects me ??? for example. i was traumatized by being bullied so much. but i only remember a handful of instances where i was bullied. i know it happened a lot, but i cant actually remember most of it

  11. Hey Katie:) I had a Serious accident about 2 years ago where I fell through my attic and was seriously injured. When I talked to my long time therapist, (who is great and I love) she kind of blew past it. Like “ this is your new normal” kind of thing and moved on. It kind of made me feel like it wasn’t worth talking about.. but it was horrific and this is my new normal isn’t good enough .
    Help I’m confused:( thank you!

  12. Trauma and the brain analogy: ever watch the weather radar gland there is a thunderstorm in the area? There is an intense showing sever storm and it is in red. It moves out of area or dissipates. We thing for a trauma on the brain. In this case, the red intensity doesn't fade, ithe memory and it's trace remains in a heightened state well after the event is gone. How does this intensity fade? On it's own sometimes, or talk therapy to revisit the trauma and rewrite the meaning under a different context.

  13. True i dislike opening conversations especially when all people are watching. 1on1 okay but in Public? Then Girls??? Inimaginable……… Just creeps me out actually nothing comes to mind…. So I live a isolated verarmtes Shit Life… But Well wohooooohouohouuuuu…..

  14. Once ive seen a very violent, and disturbing video on the internet that is thankfully taken down now. I dont if someone can get traumatized by watching a video of it happening, but I sometimes still think about it : everytime I get all shaky and such. I dont think I was traumatized by it tho. I dont know.

  15. I have a question, if anyone can answer this or if you can answer this, can an extended amount of loneliness in early onset childhood, like elementary years cause trauma? What I mean is having no friends, and all of your close friends moving away? For example, if I had a really close friend and we were like two peas in a pod, then they moved away, could that cause a form of trauma? If it happens like 3 ish times in your early life? I don’t necessarily have flashbacks, I might be resilient idk. But I do have a fear that sometimes comes up if people might leave me.

  16. Can you do a video for trauma from have a rare illness and in the hospital, personally where you are dying or almost died more than once and how to cope- you are a wonderful person! Thank you for your Channel

  17. Could someone be traumatized if they weren’t the one being abused and they didn’t directly see the abuse but were still in the same surroundings of the abuse. It’s hard to go back to that house especially since I have to go back there multiple times a year. Last time I went I nearly had an anxiety attack and whenever someone yells or slams something or moves a little too quickly I freak internally.

  18. Question, when I was younger, like in 2nd grade or even younger, everyday after school a teacher would lead me and a group of kids to the other end of a parking lot, because that's where we were supposed to be picked up by our parents. And this parking lot was about 5 minutes away from the school by walking. So anyway my parents would always be there to pick me up. And so one day during the winter, I thought everything was going to be normal just like every other day. Well no. It wasn't. My parents werent there, all of my friends went to their parents cars while, I was a lone on a sidewalk. The teacher for somehow was already gone, which in my head was unusual. In my head I was like okay this is strange, I'm so mad and scared, so I start crying, because I was alone, scared, and my parents weren't there. I thought to myself did my parents forget me, do they hate me, did I do something wrong. So I start running back to the school then all of a sudden I heard someone call out my name, I turned around, and was school. It was my dad. Dang I was so frickin mad. I run towards him and he asks me why are you crying? And I said I hate you guys, and I remember saying all this carp to him and my mom once I eventually got into the car, I asked why, why werent you guys here…..they said we were getting pizza and thought we were going to be on time, I was still mad at them. I didn't know think too much about it til now, that I think I could've been traumatized, but I dont know honestly. All theses years I remember every detail. It really makes sense now too. Maybe 2 years ago when I was thinking about that moment, I realized I was crying. It really shocked me I didnt even know why I was crying I was just remembering a moment like why did I cry its already so farrrr backkkk in the past, why cry for no reason really. Then I remeber a few times I brought up this story to my dad and I started crying again just thinkning about it, and my dad got really frustrated and confused to why I was crying it was so long ago. Then now every time I'm at school or something and theyre coming to pick me up, I always have to text them and make absolute sure that theyre here. And. I remember a few times where they werent and I got mad and when my parents were eventually there to get me then I would cry in the car and express how frickin angry I was at them. And theyre always confused to why I get so mad and cry so much if they're not there on time, or if theyre not where they say they would be. But it all makes sense, they, my parents traumatized me and get mad at me for getting mad at them, because they did it. Someone let me know if this I'm actually traumatized, I need to know…..

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