What is Major Depressive Disorder? | Kati Morton

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Today I talk about what MDD is and how it is diagnosed.
The DSM states that you must have depressed mood and anhedonia in order for MDD to even be considered. Then you must have at least 5 of the following for a 2 week period.
1. Depressed mood most of the day
2. Diminished pleasure or interest
3. Increased or decreased appetite
4. Increased or decreased sleep
5. Psychomoto agitation or retardation
6. Fatigue everyday
7. Feeling worthless or having inappropriate guilt
8. Diminished ability to think or concentrate
9. Recurrent thoughts of death
If you find yourself having of these symptoms please reach out for help! The sooner the better, and there are so many people out there willing to listen and help, so make that call and set up that appointment!!
Treatment options are therapy and medication. We find that the best results come from a combination of both, but this is your treatment and your recovery, so you get to choose what is best for you.
Talk therapy and CBT therapy are found to work best. This not only allows us to vent and gain come thoughtful insight, but CBT helps us to change out faulty thinking and inject some much needed behavioral changes into our lives.
So get to know your depression. How long does it last? How bad has it been? When did it start and what does it feel like to us? That way when we call our doctor or therapist we can offer up all of this information to ensure we get the proper diagnosis and treatment.
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42 thoughts on “What is Major Depressive Disorder? | Kati Morton”

  1. I have generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder. I was diagnosed with GAD as a child and was recently diagnosed with MDD. When I first started seeing my current therapist I knew that she had me down for depression but I recently found out that it’s major depression. She told me I had depression but I didn’t know I had the MAJOR version of it smh

  2. MDD is a condition the affected wish was terminal. Having had it for 20+ years, my mantra is "end my miserable life."

    it also causes IDENTITY ISSUES because I don't know who I am without this constant, crushing numbness that's held me for so long. The fatigue, lack of appetite, and sleep issues team up to destroy any hope I had of recovery, let alone hope of getting any exercise.

    When will you cover things like TMS and ECT?

  3. Nice video. The reality we all know though is that neither a pill, nor a conversation, can make you life go away. Been this way for 43 years. Just like in the case of life, there is only one way out of this. The only question is how long do you choose to suffer.

  4. It's a 50/50 kind of thing. We tend to rely on the statistics as facts instead of using rational thinking. I go in and out of hypomania and depressive mindsets all the time, and it got worse when I stopped using cannabis, which I started using because I got neglected so much that I couldn't handle the moment any more. I have been suicidal since I started school basically, and last time I tried to hang myself, was a year ago or something, because I was tired of picking up the pieces of broken hearts of the one's that I love, I wanted to end the situation, and for me, it's not right leaving somebody just because it benefits me. I view it as selfish and as the last thing that I want to be. I haven't used cannabis since 2016 and the mood swings have been more often now, more prominent. I went to the doctors, telling them that I am probably bipolar, and they instead thought I was schizoaffected and wanted me to take drugs that made a zombie out of me, so I stopped using them, because I deemed myself being a healthrisk to myself on medication. I lost all contact with my friend, because the 2016 manic episode, made me feel so good that I felt like. I can't explain it, as if that is how we are supposed to be normally, but my head have been on a spin, and I have been thinking and trying to explain to a whole lot of people about a whole lot, but none will listen and I fell from my happy state, and every time I get hypomanic, I feel like I can take on the world and fix everything, if someone just listens. But no-one does and I fall down again. The doctors told me that they don't think I'm bipolar at all, it's the ADHD acting up, but the ADHD is only in short cycles, I get 5 min moodswings but they last for a very short while, they don't shift the big swings and when I got to the doctor, she didn't listen to me, I'm not supposed to do their job, why do they want me to tell them what I have or not? She saw a big difference is the mood that I was on this meeting, then the mood I was on 2 month's earlier on the other meeting. I was more depressed, and talking to doctors for years on end when I have told them that I am bipolar and I have books and facebook, instagram, my blog etc. that will prove that I do everything cyclical and have been doing it like such for my whole life, then they might understand that It's what is Normal for me. Normal for doctors seems to be dead, because that is what no changes is. Everyone goes through changes, and we mature from it if we question our own situation. I think that all people on earth are bipolar. The only turndown is that I am really down most of the time. I get stuff, and I'm happy for about a second, so I try to think about that a whole lot. I would rather die as it is right now, then to sit alone only being part of the internet, seen as a bot without a future. In my mania, I stopped using nicotine, drinking, eating meat, all over a night. Everyone around me thought I was psychotic when I told them that cancer is because of diet and breath, because that is my understanding of it, that is why it's given to people of random. What do a lazy person or a smoker, meat eater, a vegan, a cannabis user and or health nut have in common? they breath, depending on how we breath, is how much oxygen is given to the body. The diet, is also a problem. Sugar is not healthy at all.

  5. I would just like to share about how I help myself with this condition. I don't beat myself up if I sleep all day but get up to do something physical (like walking out of the bedroom) the next day. If I really dont want to get up I try to think of one thing I am willing to do and I do that. Then I keep doing baby steps for as long as it takes. i am kinder to myself and understand myself from previous counseling also. A book I really love is called "Getting through the Day" by Nancy J Napier. It is written with a lot of insight and love. Peace.

  6. i keep coming back to this video because im just so confused and lost and feel like im just rotting away. running out of time. see the thing is I've been diagnosed with this and hit all the marks but it's always felt like their was more going on with me? like yeah I'm super depressed but even when that's treated i still don't feel normal and happy?(I don't feel happy bc I don't feel normal? idk not trying to go into too much detail) I've been feeling like this for 5 years now and I cant do it anymore. I just wanna know what's wrong with me.

  7. i hate everything, i hate my friends, i hate myself, i hate school, i hate my teachers, i hate people, i just freakin hate everything. i just want help… but i’m too scared to ask.

  8. Symptoms can morph with time and age. I used to just get apathetic and lethargic. Now I get irritable angry and anxious. Finally getting real help besides just a g.p. and an ssri. Don't really remember much of my life I haven't fought this. Sad as I'm 44. Screw the stigma. SPEAK UP!

  9. I'd like to add something more too. I am in depression and I've had a significant eventt in the past which caused a lot of guilt and shame in me, but that thing is long gone and if we tend to feel depressed/guilty for prolong periods and for literally little things, things like feeling guilty for even things you do mistakenly, like for me, even if I put a point forward assertively, I'd feel guilty thinking what if I was rude to the other person. ! That's like terrible feeling

  10. Is it possible to have PDD with episodes of MDD, as well as SAD layered on top of that? I’m no longer sure what diagnoses I have, as it feels as if I have all of those at one point or another. :-/ The hardest part is that my father doesn’t “get” it, accept it, so he thinks I’m just behaving badly, and he expresses his displeasure in me. :(((

  11. I think it is unhelpful when people talk about curing depression as it can be a recurring illness.
    I think it is more helpful to me to think of it in the same way we think about cancer.
    We don't normally say cancer is cured, but it is in remission.
    So if we start to feel better after an episode of depression or it lifts somewhat, I say that depression is in remission.
    It seems helpful to me to be grateful when I'm feeling better but to realise that it is a real illness that can return.
    If it does then it's not my fault just the same as if my cancer returns, it is not my fault.

  12. I suffer from major depressive disorder recurrent severe without psychotic features i have had a severe episode in August,September and know in October i have had a suicide attempt in September

  13. I had existential depression since elementary grade last year. Now I think it's because of all the zero care I got, zero hope in life or any hope or concern for future but I want to improve now. I am seeing signs that I was probably gifted but my brain probably melted away and it's all foggy. I wanna try and look for future improvements but I still can't get out of this. It sucks.

  14. I believe I have both. Mostly because of my work life and a little for personal. My thread has been breaking for months even my face is breaking out something I haven't felt since my college years. Plus I have a crush on someone in my work place, even though I know I shouldn't, I really like this woman (who I don't know if they like women or not (yes I'm gay but not out)) but I doubt she likes me. So yeah my life sucks.

  15. I knew I had depression. I was diagnosed with it from previous therapists. But yesterday I was diagnosed with this specifically. I have never had a diagnosis fit SO PERFECTLY. I can align with every single one of those symptoms. Holy shit

  16. so I was prescribed a lovely ssri celexa. I took it this morning and an hour later it made me feel like drank 10 cups of coffee. I wasn’t anxious or sick at all like I was told I may be. Is this normal my dudes?

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