What Kind of Job Can You Get With a Psychology Degree?


f you’re thinking of getting some level of psychology degree rest assured that there are numerous jobs that are available. In fact there’s more diversity in this field than one might think. The reason is that the human mind does play a starring role in most aspects of people’s lives. It helps to shape our behavior, and in turn behavior actually shapes the world we live in.

There are all sorts of jobs for those who hold psychology degrees which can include opportunities such as human services, education, and even business. Below is a list of the top ten jobs many seek after they earn their psychology degree:

  • Marriage and/or Family Therapist
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Addictions Counselor
  • Mental Health counselor
  • Social and/or Human Services Assistant
  • Social Worker
  • Psychologist
  • Life Coach
  • School or Career Counselor

What Can You Do With a 2-Year Degree?

Believe it or not but you can find some work in the field of psychology even with just a two year degree.There are different industries that are willing to offer opportunities to those who have completed shorter programs in psychology.

Addiction Counseling – There are some who will allow those with a two year degree to help counsel those with substance abuse problems. They offer a person the opportunity to help with counseling people within group or community owned facilities that offer substance abuse programs.

Psychiatric Technician – If you want to go further in psychology, you can kick start your career by helping to care for mentally ill or developmentally disabled people. These are patients who are receiving intensive therapy within hospitals featuring psychiatric units.

Social and/or Human Services Assistant – In this job you might be working with members of the community that might be disadvantaged and need different support and services to make it through difficult times. To assist social workers you usually only need a minimum of two years training.

Sales Rep – Having psychology in your background can help a person better understand how and why people make the decisions they make and this can give you a big advantage when you’re trying to sell a service or product.

What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology?

Having a four year degree in psychology will open the job world much more with jobs that are plentiful and diverse. Having a degree in psychology can provide the benefits of being very adaptable when it comes to jobs.

Social Worker – You will need to have a four year degree in order to perform work as a social worker. As a social worker you can work with children and families as well as assisting those who are elderly or have a mental illness.

Elementary, Middle, or High School Teacher – If you are interested in teaching, having a degree in psychology will help you be prepared to a state certification so that you can teach in any school setting.

Community or Social Services Manager – This job allows you to help coordinate and direct different programs that offer services that are related to residential care, addiction rehab, youth and family support, and other important community and social support systems.

Probation or Parole Officer – If you are interested in the law and want to use your psychology degree at the same time, then this is the type of job you might want to look into. This job provides assistance to those who are re-entering society after being released from jail or prison. Or you can advise and/or supervise offenders who have been given probation instead of being sent to prison.

Marketing Specialist – A lot of successful marketers also have great psychological insights and often that’s because they have a degree in psychology. This type of education helps you to analyze market conditions and find out what attracts new clients or customers.

Public Relations Specialist – Organizations always need to learn how to build awareness of what they offer and then develop ways to generate and maintain favorable public perception. It’s no suprise then those with psychology majors will often bring a lot of great insights to this particular field.

Human Resources Specialist – Having a degree in psychology gives insight to a person who is there to help employers in their recruitment and their screening of new hires. They also help with placement of their existing employees and other issues.

Coaching – By combining some sports and recreation background with a psychology degree one can find a great job as a coach at just about any school level. It’s a great wy to motivate and influence people in a way that helps them to achieve their performance goals as well as learning the importance of working with others such as on a team.

What Can You Do With a Master’s in Psychology?

With this psychology degree you’ll find even more doors opening up for you. There are a variety of things that you can do with this degree. Here are just a few.

Industrial/Organizational Psychologist – This is probably one of the higher paying psychology jobs. This is because this field of psychology involves using psychology to help employers solve workplace

issues that are related to morale, recruiting, productivity, training, and any other issues that might impact the company’s bottom line.

Marriage and/or Family Therapist – This is a job where you would help couples and other people learn to identify and to understand the issues they might be having in their relationships and find better ways they can work toward resolving their problems.

Mental Health Counselor – Mental health counselors provide help for those who might be struggling with emotional or mental issues. This work helps people to learn how to cope with and overcome some of their challenges they are facing.

Career or School Counselor – In this position a master’s in psychology will allow you to work with children in all school levels including college to help them deal with the social challenges they face and learn to develop skills needed to succeed in the learning environment. They can also assist career seekers to help them decide on a suitable vocation or the right kind of training they might need for their careers.

Rehabilitation Counselor – This allows you to work with those who have emotional or physical disabilities as they work to rise above the effects that their condition has on areas of their lives like personal relationships, daily living, and employment.

What Can You Do With a PhD in Psychology?

Of course this is the top degree that one can get in psychology and it pretty much opens up all doors when it comes to the jobs out there. Since there are so many possibilities here are just a couple that you can obtain with this type of degree.

Clinical Psychologist – This is a job where you can apply your psychology expertise in a clinical setting where you assess, diagnose, and treat those with emotional, mental, or behavioral problems. Many in this field often choose to focus on specialty work such as neuropsychology or types of people like the elderly or youth.

Counseling Psychologist – This is a job where you would assit people in learning how to understand their problems and then identifying their personal strengths and to find ways and resources for helping them to manage and/or overcome the challenges they might face at home, work, or within the community.

Developmental Psychologist – This type of work would have you conducting important research that’s related to how the minds of people develop through their lives. Many with this psychology degree will branch off and specialize in studying mental development during particular phases of life like youth or in old age.

Forensic Psychologist – This is ideal for the person trained in psychology who also has a deep interest in crime. This type of psychologist contributes to the criminal or civil justice system by sharing their psychological insights about different legal cases or ongoing investigations that often include them as being expert witnesses in court.

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