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Every Tuesday & Friday I post a journal prompt to help keep you motivated and working on yourself!
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When is It Self-Harm? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ1. Should I tell my boyfriend that I have an ED?? What if it’s a deal breaker for him?
2. When is it considered SH?
3. My therapist wants me to join a DBT group and I did the intake, but now don’t want to go. He said he would stop seeing me and get my psychiatrist to do the same if I don’t. Can he do that?
4. Do you have to think you are fat to have an ED?Journal Topic: There is a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that states “You must do the things you think you cannot do.” What’s something you think you cannot do? What can we do to start changing that thought? Kati Morton Mental Health Videos
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If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call a local emergency telephone number or go immediately to the nearest emergency room.


  1. Max Mustermann says

    I always find it strange that you got work off on labor day. It's the same here in Germany. Tag der Arbeit.

  2. Stacy Sanchez-Ortiz says

    Have you ever asked to clients to show you their cuts , when you know they have been cutting in other spots ( thighs, stomach, etc)

  3. skippygirl959 says

    lol the ending, youre so cute kati, no homo

  4. charitie brooks says

    Do you know if they changed the diagnosis of ednos to another name with a bunch of subtypes? Please explain I'm so confused!

  5. Elly Lauren says

    Hi Kati, I can't find the answer to this Qs, hope you can help. As a Psyc if someone dies and it appears like an accident, yet the client has expressed possible plans to suicide and make it look like accident, do you have obligation to break confidentiality and express concern that it wasn't an accident? Thanks in advance

  6. Scarlett Moon says

    hi Kati um I don't know know where to post this but I've just watched this so yeah.. I've been in recovery for my ED for nearly a month but I keep thinking I'm failing etc. I've downloaded and printed your workbook, I want to start it but I guess I don't know where to start as I'm scared I'll do it 'wrong'…

  7. TheOfficialMG says

    I like how she says "we" and "our" when she answers the questions. Like it feels like I'm not alone

  8. Jillian Seiden says

    I know I'm not Katie, but can I comment? My parents have been really accepting of my SH and they don't react much when I tell them I had a slip up. They don't really want to make a big deal out of it because they know I can be emotionally fragile and it can be hard for me to handle things like that. I would strongly advise getting asking them to help you get a therapist. See how they respond. If they say yes, at least you know they care & took it seriously to some extent. 🙂

  9. jessica kaulitz says

    Thanks for your videos! 🙂

  10. Alli McDonald says

    This answered a question I've been wondering about and actually helped a lot! Thank you for everything you do!

  11. Nichole Stone says

    Also can u make a vid about insomia

  12. molliejaynex says

    #KatiFAQ my question is… What is emotional personality disorder? Xo

  13. Nichole Stone says

    Okay i did something i shouldnt have and i want to talk to you about it to help me out but now that i think about it, i seem mental for what i did.. I'm so stupid and it's a really long story, really long and i need help but tumblr ask isnt working for me idk y, and twitter is to personal, .. So idk what else?? Pls help

  14. Jessica Nicole says

    i love the longer videos only because it means more Kati but if it is beneficial for you then by all means do whats best for you! <3

  15. justagirl1516 says

    I like the longer videos better, it comes off more personal but that's just me. I'm just so thankful you do these and take the time whether it is short or long <3

  16. Amy says

    Just been watching some of your older videos… the ones of a year ago feel like they were just posted a couple months ago or something time has gone so fast!! lol. It's a year since I made my first suicide attempt on Friday 6h and a year since I went into inpatient on Wednesday 11th of this month…. doesn't feel like that long ago tbh. xxx

  17. Ciera Peppitoni says

    #KatiFAQ hey Kati, I've been doing better with self confidence but as soon as I get home and grab a snack my parents jump on me about needing to loose weight and being big.. How can I get to the point where their words don't effect me..? thanks xx

  18. samanthalovesgiraffes says

    Seemed like the same amount of questions but rushed… I really love these journal topics at the end (:

  19. Alexandra Lunetta says

    I love these videos so much.. look forward to them everyday. I also love your answers, you give amazing advice and and helped me with SO much. I like the fact that you are giving shorter answers, but now would you maayybbeeee be able to answer more questions? xo

  20. stellar1015 says

    Hey Kati! I love your longer videos and when you talk about things in a lot of detail but shorter answers are good sometimes 🙂 I recently told my parents that I self harm and they didn't react very much and I don't think really took me seriously. How can I explain to them that it's serious?

  21. Emma P says

    #katifaq here's my question pleeeaaseee answer: is it a "slip" if you miss a day of eating not because of triggering thoughts or because of the Ed voice but just by accident like you just forgot to eat one day?

  22. Josh Authement says

    I watch a bunch of your videos and truly enjoy them. I've been seeing a therapist for the past 6-8 weeks and he recently told me I have problems with OCD and have Social Phobia. He gave me word to use that is actually a phrase that I wanted to share because it helps. It's OIYLI and it stands for only if you let it. Thanks Kati for making these videos they are truly inspiring!

  23. Emma P says

    I dot like the short ones 🙁 I like watching your longer ones

  24. Transcendselfharm says

    When should you tell a girlfriend/boyfriend about self-harm? After a few dates?

  25. Jemma Scott says

    I really like the shorter questions, it means you can reach out to more people which is always a good thing xx

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