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Why are more women joining the Red Pill Movement? What would be the purpose a woman goes Into creating red pill content? If a woman creates red pill content for the Manosphere, does It elevate the movement or depreciate It? Based on female nature, Is It plausible to assume they enter a Male soape for the wrong reasons? Share your comments below!

@Not Your Average Joes Podcast ‘s Video: https://youtu.be/yowa545gLcY


➖Are women who enter the “manosphere” grifters?
➖How to define “red pill” or “Manosphere”?
➖If most people have good intentions, is it fair to assume they are in it just for the $?
➖If a woman is “post-wall” is she seeking male validation/a partner?
➖How to vet a RP creator?
(Ex: if they use the term ideology) 👎🏼
➖The era of niche marketing; The problem with new RP creators cherry picking RP concepts to fit their personal experience.
➖Should RP creators be married, single or single and spinning plates?
➖Reacting to @Not Your Average Joes Podcast ‘s Video 🔝

➖ Live Call In Segment ☎️

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