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Borderline Personality Disorder, or BPD, is a mental health condition that is believed to affect at least 1 in every 100 people across London.

About BPD


Some studies indicate the percentage of the population affected by BPD could be as high as 1.6%. With more than 7 million adults in the Greater London area, that equates to well over 100,000 people who may currently be trying to deal with this condition. But what exactly is BPD, how do you know if you have it and is our Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment in London the right choice for you? Below, we provide you with the answers to all of these questions and more.

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Borderline Personality Disorder: What Exactly Is It?


BPD is a condition that affects the way you feel and think, both about yourself and about others. In most cases, it impacts thoughts and feelings to a degree that makes it difficult for sufferers to function normally in everyday situations. Most people with BPD find it difficult to control their emotions and behaviour, suffer from self-image problems and have a history of volatile relationships. The majority of people with BPD also have a deep fear of being abandoned and find it very difficult to be alone.

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Owing to all of the above issues, BPD sufferers often engage in risky, impulsive patterns of behaviour and entertain suicidal thoughts that may lead to self-harm and actual suicide attempts. If you have BPD, you may feel neglected, lonely, misunderstood and chronically bored. You may despise yourself for much of the time and feel cut off from reality.



Although Borderline Personality Disorder often manifests in the ways mentioned above, each individual may experience one or more of the symptoms to a greater or lesser degree and may experience certain other symptoms that we have not referred to. It is for this reason that our treatment for borderline personality disorder is tailored to meet the needs of individual patients.

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How Do I Find Out if I Have Borderline Personality Disorder?


Given the fact that symptoms may vary from one person to another and that some sufferers may find themselves dealing with issues that other sufferers never face, how can you find out for sure if you have BPD and might require BPD treatment in a clinical setting? Although not all patients exhibit exactly the same symptoms, if you feel that you identify with many of those listed above, we would recommend in the first instance that you seek a professional diagnosis.

If you like one of our specialists to provide you with a professional diagnosis, all you need to do is complete the booking form on our website and we can arrange for an assessment at a time that is convenient for you. We can organise an assessment within 24 hours of hearing from you if desired and you can, of course, be assured of complete confidentiality throughout the process and during any subsequent therapy for borderline personality disorder we may provide.

BPD assessments are performed via Zoom so there is no need for you to travel to a clinic in a distant part of London. All you need to do is let us know a time that is convenient for you and we will make all the necessary arrangements.

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Could You Benefit From Our Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment in London?

If you are currently suffering from BPD, there is a very good chance that our DBT treatment programmes could be of great benefit to you. We offer programmes for adults and adolescents, both of which are conducted over Zoom for your safety and convenience. The programmes cover all 4 core modules of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and are designed to provide you with the skills and tools you need to overcome the daily challenges presented by BPD. If you are diagnosed with BPD and you would like to start treatment as soon as possible, we can book you in on the next available programme. Whilst it’s not possible to make guarantees about clinical outcomes as far as mental health conditions are concerned, we can tell you that we have helped thousands of BPD sufferers in London and across the UK to lead more balanced and satisfying lives.

Each programme that we offer is tailored to meet the specific needs of individual patients, which means you can expect your treatment to be focused on the areas and symptoms that most concern you, maximising the effectiveness of the therapy you receive. All therapy sessions are delivered by one of our fully-qualified, skilled practitioners so you can be sure that the treatment offered will always be of the highest standard and in accordance with best practices and guidelines for Borderline Personality Treatment in London.

BPD affecting countless individuals and their loved ones, the significance of seeking effective therapy cannot be overstated

Understanding and addressing Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a journey that requires compassion, patience, and the right therapeutic approach.  As we’ve explored the nuances of BPD, from its symptoms to the transformative potential of therapy, it’s clear that tailored treatment options, such as those found in “BPD therapy near me,” play a pivotal role in navigating the complexities of this condition.

Therapy for BPD offers a beacon of hope, with evidence-based treatments like Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) leading the way. These therapeutic approaches provide individuals with the tools to manage their emotions, develop healthier relationships, and build a life worth living. The journey toward recovery may seem daunting, but with the support of trained professionals and “BPD support groups near me,” individuals with BPD can embark on a path to healing and resilience. The community and connection found in support groups further empower those affected by BPD, offering a space of understanding and shared experiences.

The quest for “BPD therapy” and support underscores the importance of accessibility to mental health resources. In a world where the stigma surrounding mental health is steadily being dismantled, the availability of localized therapy options brings relief and convenience to those in need. Whether you’re seeking “BPD therapy near me” or support groups that resonate with your experiences, the resources are within reach, offering a lifeline and a chance for profound personal growth.

As mental health professionals and advocates continue to enhance the landscape of BPD treatment, the emphasis on personalized care remains paramount. Each individual’s experience with BPD is unique, and so too should be their therapy journey. By harnessing the power of specialized therapy and community support, we can ensure that those grappling with BPD are not alone in their fight. The path to understanding and managing BPD may be complex, but it is also filled with opportunities for empowerment and transformation.

In reflecting on the importance of therapy and support for BPD, it’s essential to remember that the journey toward mental wellness is not a solitary one. The courage to seek help, the strength found in support groups, and the transformative potential of tailored therapy mark the beginning of a new chapter for individuals with BPD. As we look toward the future, let us continue to advocate for accessible, compassionate, and effective mental health care for all.

If you or someone you know is navigating the challenges of BPD, remember that help is closer than you think. With a wealth of therapy options and support groups available, the first step towards healing and understanding begins with reaching out. Embrace the journey with open arms, and let the search for “BPD therapy near me” lead you towards a brighter, more stable future. Together, we can break the cycle of suffering and pave the way for a life defined not by the struggles of BPD, but by resilience, growth, and hope.

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Amy Matthew
Amy Matthew
I have had so many years struggling with my anxiety and have seen a few professionals over the years but my time I have spent with Jason has really helped me become so much more confident in myself and I can't thank him enough for taking the time to understand my issues and giving me the best tools that will stay with me and help me to continue to grow and become a stronger woman. Thank you Jason.
Jack Christodoulou
Jack Christodoulou
I would like to express my gratitude to Jason Ward for he's amazing help and getting me through dark times and into the light again. (I didn't think it was possible) many thanks life is better now.
Tallie Samuels
Tallie Samuels
I completed all four modules of the DBT course in 2020, and I can honestly say my life has been changed. I received so much support from Jason & Jerinda throughout my sessions, and I always felt like I was in a safe space with them. Throughout the course, I built up skills that I am still using today. I now find everyday life easier to manage; feel more in control of my emotional responses; am able to to tap into 'wise mind' rather than thinking in black & white; and I have a number of coping skills that make emotional crises easier to manage, when they do happen. This is the best course of therapy I have ever completed, and I have tried many different kinds in my lifetime. Thanks to the skills I learnt on the course, and to my own hard work integrating them into my life, I now live a life that feels worth living. Thank you.
Samantha Tran-Larkin
Samantha Tran-Larkin
I have completed 2 modules of the DBT programme so far and I can honestly say it has honestly changed my life. I am not a stranger to therapy. 2 years ago I started general psychotherapy following the birth of my 4th child as I developed what I thought was PND. I also had a volatile relationship. Because of my personal circumstances, things progressively got worse. When I started the DBT programme I was lost, angry, hopeless and saw this as my last chance to solve some crisis of mine. 2 modules in, I feel refreshed and optimistic. I understand myself more and get boundaries. I am more productive and for the first time in a long while I can actually say I am happy. I will most likely revisit certain modules for a little refresh and will continue to use my invaluable DBT skills everyday. Thank you Jason.
Sevda Sipahi
Sevda Sipahi
I was feeling insecure, anxious and depressed. I have joined the DBT sessions. I found it so helpful and effective. Before DBT, l wasn’t aware of the skills. Jason and Jurenda are such amazing people with their knowledge and positivity. They were so supportive. They taught me the skills and motivated me a lot to use the skills. Gradually l felt l improved myself quite a lot and definitely l feel much better now than before. It also improved my self confidence. I am more aware of myself now than before. I learnt to be in wise mind rather than being too emotional or too rational. I want to thank Jason and Jurenda for their good work, support and kindness.
I've been working on my DBT skills with Jason for the past 9 months. In that time I have learnt enough repair damaged relationships with family, to begin to curb my unhealthy 'problem behaviours' and to start to build back up my self esteem and work on treating myself with kindness and compassion. I would thoroughly recommend DBT therapy, I think we all have a lot to learn from it. Without it and without Jason I wouldn't be where I am right now - I'm very grateful.
Samuel Perry
Samuel Perry
Jason helped me through a very low period in my life, I was depressed and anxious, using DBT skills helped resolve my symptoms.
Daniel Fox
Daniel Fox
Got the training last year here and I can clearly say I am much skilled in DBT. They have changed my skill and this course is really helpful. Thanks