Frequently Asked Questions


How many weeks is primary treatment?

If patients attend all four modules then the total number of weekly treatment sessions would be 30. 

Do you offer all the DBT modules?

DBT London offer treatment across all of the 4 modules: Emotional Regulation, Distress Tolerance, Interpersonal Effectiveness and Mindfulness.

Can I attend just one module?

Yes patients can attend only one module, however we would recommend that patients complete all modules if they want to experience the maximum benifit from the DBT London Programme.

What are the fees for the 30 week DBT skills programme?

In addition to the Weekly DBT Skills Group patients will also have inclusive access to:

Precommitment Session: 1 fee free session to assess if DBT will be the most appropriate fit for the pateint, the patient receives an orientation about DBT’s structure, techniques, and goals, while both parties work towards ensuring commitment, addressing concerns, and establishing trust. Moreover, the therapist & patient clarify their respective roles, discuss logistical aspects like session frequency, fees, and contracts, and begin building a foundational therapeutic relationship.

Inclusive Weekly DBT 121 Sessions: Your DBT therapist will arrange weekly DBT 121 sessions to support you through the skills programme.

Inclusive Family Support Group: A monthly family support group to create a bridge of understanding between family and what the patient is experiencing in therapy.

DBT WhatsApp group: A peer lead interactive space allowing DBT London patients to experience the wealth of wisdom and support from senior peers and DBT London mentors.

Crisis Support: If patients are in crisis, they can contact their dedicated DBT 121 therapist.


The fee for the 30 week programme is £3,600 which is payable in 3 installments payable by credit or debit card.


Do I have to commit and pay for the whole programme?

Patients only have to commit to one module at a time, invoices are emailed to patients one week before the start of each new module.

Do you refund missed sessions?

Patients complete a patient contract, this sets out that we require 48 hour notice if you wish to be credited for missed sessions.

Do you treat adolescents?

Yes we treat adolescents, however there is a different DBT programme for adolescents. Additional support is offered to parents and family. Please contact us for further information.

The DBT London programme for adolescents is delivered in 3 x 16-week cycles over 48 weeks. Not all patients will need to complete 3 cycles, we will review the treatment plan at the end of each 16-week cycle and discuss the treatment options with the family and patient. We recommend that patients complete at least 2 cycles.

Will DBT work for me?

We are often asked this question, if you attend all of the sessions and complete the assignments between sessions, then you will almost certainly reduce your symptoms to levels that are much easier to manage, in some cases this will be life changing. 

Do you offer face to face sessions?

DBT London Day-Care Programme at Nightingale Hospital London

Our day patient service at the Nightingale Hospital London is delivered on a Thursday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.


How can I access treatment?

All new patients are assessed to see if DBT will be the most appropriate modality of treatment for their symptoms. Assessments are costed at £85, we can usually assess new patients the same day, always within 24 hours. The assessment fee will be credited against any treatment invoices should you choose to proceed with treatment.