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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Programme

Treating Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)


You will need an assessment with us to establish if you have symptoms that are associated with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), assessment sessions are pre-paid with either credit or debit card link and costed at £85 once payment is received you will be emailed a Zoom link. If the assessment concludes that DBT would be an appropriate modality for treatment we will offer you a place on one of the DBT London Programmes. 




Due to Covid-19 infections all Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) sessions will be facilitated via Zoom, we will review and follow government guidelines. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is a cognitive behavioural treatment, it emphasizes group skills training classes to help you learn and use new skills and strategies to develop a life worth living. We teach DBT skills for Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation, Distress Tolerance, and Interpersonal Effectiveness.




Patients that complete our DBT programme are eligible to join the DBT London low cost 20 week aftercare group, this weekly DBT group supports senior peers develop, integrate and apply skills in their daily lives. The group will also provide a safe space for patients to process and resolve the underlying trauma that often drives BPD. 


DBT Services

DBT Skills Groups

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DBT London Offer several Dialectical Behaviour Therapy skills groups, typically these skills groups are delivered in 90 minutes and are currently facilitated by the online platform Zoom. The groups are typically small with between 6 – 8 patients per skills group.

DBT WhatsApp Group

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DBT London patients that attend our weekly DBT skills groups will have access to our DBT WhatsApp group. The WhatsApp group is a peer lead interactive space allowing DBT London patients to experience the wealth of wisdom and support from senior peers and DBT London mentors.


DBT Family Group

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DBT London can provide access to our Parent and Partners support group. The group helps family members understand how to help their loved ones during their treatment.



DBT Individual Sessions

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There are many reasons why patients may not be able to attend DBT skills groups and these patients can still benefit from DBT by seeing one of our DBT therapists for individual sessions. These individual sessions are of 50 minutes duration, in some instances it may be beneficial for patients to have 2 individual sessions a week.


DBT Adolescent Group

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Our DBT London Adolescent DBT Programme provides a 48-week treatment cycle for teenagers ages 14 to 18. Our programme supports patients while they learn new skills to help them reduce problem behaviours and develop emotional regulation skills, mindfulness skills, distress tolerance skills and interpersonal effectiveness skills.


DBT Aftercare Group

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DBT London provide a low-cost weekly skills group for patients that complete the 37-week DBT London Skills Programme. The 48-week aftercare group is a 90 mins session facilitated via Zoom, it helps patients deepen their understanding of DBT skills and provides a safe place to process the underlying issues that drive BPD.


DBT Crisis Coaching

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DBT patient who attend our weekly skills groups will have access to our DBT Crisis Coaching service. The service provides access to DBT therapists in between sessions for patients that may be struggling to use DBT skills. DBT London therapists will coach patients through the appropriate DBT skills they can use to help them regulate their emotions.


DBT London Psychiatrists

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DBT London have developed long term relationships with Psychiatrists who have expertise in Borderline Personality Disorder. We access our senior colleagues for psychiatric evaluation, medicine review and admission to inpatient care if needed.


DBT Online

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We successful treat clients suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder In the comfort of your own home or anywhere via your smartphone. The flexibility of being able to receive expert treatment without having to travel to a clinic.


Our Approach & Values

Our DBT London team are dedicated to helping patients improve their health and wellbeing. We understand that patients have a right to expect high quality clinical outcomes, individually tailored to suiting their specific needs.

Over the last 10 years DBT London have developed a reputation for delivering high quality treatment with care, warmth and dedication for all our patients.

We have now treated thousands of patients who were suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder and who now lead stable, secure and balanced lives that enable them to go on to realise their full potential.

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