We are very pleased to be able to offer DBT online to patients across the United Kingdom. With a team of fully qualified therapists and counsellors, we are able to provide effective online Dialectical Behaviour Therapy that covers all core DBT modules. If you suffer from borderline personality disorder (BPD) or you have good reason to think that you might, you can find out more about the treatment we offer by contacting us now. If you’re ready, you can also book an initial assessment, which will help us to determine the nature and severity of your condition.



Getting Started with DBT Online Therapy


The first step, as mentioned above, is to arrange an initial assessment. This will take place online, via Zoom, and can normally be set up to happen within 24 hours. Once the assessment has been completed, we will be in a position to offer you the treatment that you need. A member of our team will provide you with details of all upcoming group therapy programmes and help you to choose one that fits in with your needs and your schedule. If you have any questions about the programmes or the way in which DBT is delivered, you can, of course, ask them at this point. We will be happy to give you all the information that you need. In the meantime, you can find some more details below.


What DBT Online Therapy Involves



Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is a form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and is designed to teach new coping skills to those suffering from BPD. During your programme, you will learn new ways in which you can manage your moods, thoughts and emotions. You will also learn how to manage your relationships and interact with other people in more positive ways. The 4 core DBT modules will be covered in detail: Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation, Mindfulness and Interpersonal Effectiveness. Online DBT therapy is normally conducted via Zoom in small groups. Whilst individual therapy is available, we find that group sessions offer the best environment in which to learn new skills for coping with life.

Details of Our DBT Online Programme: What Each Core Module Will Teach You


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), consists of 4 distinct core modules, each of which is designed to help BPD patients acquire important new skills and coping strategies that they can use for the rest of their lives. If you decide to enrol in one of our DBT online programmes, you will participate in weekly skills group meetings led by a fully qualified and experienced therapist or counsellor. Standard DBT courses for adults last for 30 weeks and during this time you will cover all of the 4 core modules in depth.


Emotional Regulation

The last DBT online module is designed to help patients manage their emotions more easily and learn how to avoid acting on them unless there is a compelling reason to do so. This process starts with an objective study of your emotions so that you can begin to understand them in a little more detail: what triggers them, what role they play in your life and how they influence your thoughts and actions. Once you have a more in-depth understanding of your emotions and the part that they play in your life, you will be able to start learning how you can actively manage them, even learning how you can reduce the intensity of strong emotions in stressful situations.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Relationships play a huge part in most people’s lives, which is why the last of the 4 DBT online modules is dedicated to interpersonal effectiveness: how to form and manage relationships more effectively. One of the keys to healthy relationships lies in learning how to set firm boundaries. Without the ability to let people know what you find unacceptable, relationships can quickly deteriorate. Another key skill you will learn during the final module is how to let others know what you want from them in your relationships. When both parties have a clear idea of what the other person expects from a relationship, everything tends to go more smoothly. This applies equally to family, work and romantic relationships.



In order to control your emotions, you must first be aware of them. By paying attention to the ebb and flow of your moods and emotions throughout the day, particularly at times when you are faced with challenging situations, you can become acutely aware of how you normally feel and think. In the 1st DBT online module, you will study and practise mindfulness techniques, which will help you to stay in the present and observe your emotions whenever you desire. In addition to helping you get to know your moods and emotions, mindfulness practices can also help you to feel more grounded, thereby lowering your general stress levels.

Distress Tolerance

The primary focus of the 2nd DBT online module is on learning new ways to avoid becoming overwhelmed by your emotions in extremely distressing situations.  Equipped with effective techniques to soothe yourself in such situations, you will be in a better position to decide on the best course of action to take, rather than simply allowing yourself to be led by your emotions. You will also learn how to identify problematic behavioural patterns and the steps you can take to avoid engaging in such behavioural patterns in the future.


Once you have completed all 4 modules in the DBT online programme, you should have all the skills, strategies and techniques you need to take control of your emotions, reduce their severity in times of stress and enjoy positive, healthy relationships with those around you. But reaching the end of the course does not mean you have reached the end of our support.

DBT Revision Course 


DBT Revision Course: One year of DBT skills revision sessions included in our treatment package, we will support you to strengthen your newfound skills for one year once you have completed our primary treatment programme.


Book Your Initial Assessment


You can go ahead and book an initial assessment right now if you are ready. If not, you are more than welcome to contact us to request more information about the treatment programmes we offer and our team. Either way, we look forward to helping you in the near future.

Amy Matthew
Amy Matthew
I have had so many years struggling with my anxiety and have seen a few professionals over the years but my time I have spent with Jason has really helped me become so much more confident in myself and I can't thank him enough for taking the time to understand my issues and giving me the best tools that will stay with me and help me to continue to grow and become a stronger woman. Thank you Jason.
Jack Christodoulou
Jack Christodoulou
I would like to express my gratitude to Jason Ward for he's amazing help and getting me through dark times and into the light again. (I didn't think it was possible) many thanks life is better now.
Tallie Samuels
Tallie Samuels
I completed all four modules of the DBT course in 2020, and I can honestly say my life has been changed. I received so much support from Jason & Jerinda throughout my sessions, and I always felt like I was in a safe space with them. Throughout the course, I built up skills that I am still using today. I now find everyday life easier to manage; feel more in control of my emotional responses; am able to to tap into 'wise mind' rather than thinking in black & white; and I have a number of coping skills that make emotional crises easier to manage, when they do happen. This is the best course of therapy I have ever completed, and I have tried many different kinds in my lifetime. Thanks to the skills I learnt on the course, and to my own hard work integrating them into my life, I now live a life that feels worth living. Thank you.
Samantha Tran-Larkin
Samantha Tran-Larkin
I have completed 2 modules of the DBT programme so far and I can honestly say it has honestly changed my life. I am not a stranger to therapy. 2 years ago I started general psychotherapy following the birth of my 4th child as I developed what I thought was PND. I also had a volatile relationship. Because of my personal circumstances, things progressively got worse. When I started the DBT programme I was lost, angry, hopeless and saw this as my last chance to solve some crisis of mine. 2 modules in, I feel refreshed and optimistic. I understand myself more and get boundaries. I am more productive and for the first time in a long while I can actually say I am happy. I will most likely revisit certain modules for a little refresh and will continue to use my invaluable DBT skills everyday. Thank you Jason.
Sevda Sipahi
Sevda Sipahi
I was feeling insecure, anxious and depressed. I have joined the DBT sessions. I found it so helpful and effective. Before DBT, l wasn’t aware of the skills. Jason and Jurenda are such amazing people with their knowledge and positivity. They were so supportive. They taught me the skills and motivated me a lot to use the skills. Gradually l felt l improved myself quite a lot and definitely l feel much better now than before. It also improved my self confidence. I am more aware of myself now than before. I learnt to be in wise mind rather than being too emotional or too rational. I want to thank Jason and Jurenda for their good work, support and kindness.
I've been working on my DBT skills with Jason for the past 9 months. In that time I have learnt enough repair damaged relationships with family, to begin to curb my unhealthy 'problem behaviours' and to start to build back up my self esteem and work on treating myself with kindness and compassion. I would thoroughly recommend DBT therapy, I think we all have a lot to learn from it. Without it and without Jason I wouldn't be where I am right now - I'm very grateful.
Samuel Perry
Samuel Perry
Jason helped me through a very low period in my life, I was depressed and anxious, using DBT skills helped resolve my symptoms.
Daniel Fox
Daniel Fox
Got the training last year here and I can clearly say I am much skilled in DBT. They have changed my skill and this course is really helpful. Thanks
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