Today I talk about DBT or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. There are 4 modules in DBT and the first one I already have a video on!! That is Mindfulness! So check that video out! The second module is Distress Tolerance. This entails distracting and they use the acronym ACCEPTS. The next module is Emotion Regulation, and this can help us be in more control of our emotions using many CBT like tools. This will have us work on things like recognizing what thoughts are hardest for us to manage and how we react to the things that happen around us. It will try and help us notice our reactions and the thoughts that create them so we can be better prepared to tolerate the feelings next time. Last but not least is Interpersonal Effectiveness. This will help us better communicate our emotions to those who are important to us. We will learn tools to express how we are feeling instead of always reacting and lashing out. So grab a workbook and join a DBT group, and let’s get started!!!


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