24 thoughts on “Eddie Hall Talks "MENTAL HEALTH"”

  1. Edd Iv been watching your videos cause the motivation you provide and also how real you are , not being a show pony like alot of people are you know, your nan is proud of you mate and I think she will want you to be the man you are and pass it on to your kids , and tell stories to your kids about her but your fuckn journey isn't over bud so keep posting videos and keep motivating people , but seriously thank you for making this video, for my mental health

  2. Been going through anxiety for the past ten years. The gym has been one of my big goals and im the strongest man in my gym despite the lack of energy depression brings along. Im going to church for a while and its a espiritual problem. Only Jesus can erase this from our lives for good. Greetings from the country u and i learned these little words: sink or swim, Portugal. Big love Miguel

  3. I am so glad I discovered Eddie over the past few months. I am going through one of the worst times of my life and seeing how even the strongest man on earth had to face similar challenges and persevered through it gives me strength to keep swimming through life. Wherever that may lead.

  4. Absolutely fantastic video! Really takes massive inner strength to bare your sole to everyone. I hope that you never have to experience that dark place again. You are a huge success and now it’s time to dedicate yourself to your family. Thanks for the video, and God bless you and your family.

  5. Thank you for sharing Eddie… Something almost identical happened to me and my Mom… But I could not talk to her before she passed away since she had been unconscious for several days and… I was not there at the moment. Thank you because at this very moment… It's Saturday night and I am trying to finish a document by Monday; I am working my butt off to get through another economical breakdown. Thank God I have work (I translate documents from and to English and some other languages), thank God I have my wife and my very young kids that give me the push… Thank God I saw this vid, I am setting goals now…

  6. thank you for doing this. I've used exercise my entire life to manage my mental health issues as well. One other thing you may try is meditation. If you start small and slow with your son it will be a tool he will be able to use his entire life. Not too late for you you either :).

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