A vast number of people that are stricken with mental illness never fully recover. Adrienne Magennis is one of those people. She has spent most of her life struggling with anorexia.

Adrienne tells us that once the system declares you have long-term mental health issues, you are thrown into a whole new world. A world marked by social exclusion, joblessness, poverty, and isolation. She makes the case for the medical establishment to stop relying so heavily on the medical model when treating mental illness. She wants to see more recovery programs that teach people how to learn to live with their illness. She makes the argument that society is condemning the long-term mentally ill to a life of poverty and stigma because we refuse to recognize the contributions that can be made by people who suffer from mental illness.

This video is part of TVO’s Mental Health Matters series – an in-depth exploration of the state of mental health in our society.