Liza Koshy on Opening Up | Friendship & Mental Health | Ad Council

Liza Koshy on Opening Up | Friendship & Mental Health | Ad Council

Liza Koshy on opening up. Learn more about how to start a conversation about mental health with your friends at

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27 thoughts on “Liza Koshy on Opening Up | Friendship & Mental Health | Ad Council”

  1. I believe I have social anxiety and I'm becoming a server. I'm 18 and I've been doing a lot of things to try to get over it. I thought since I was okay some of the time that I'm just painfully shy. After I had a really bad anxiety attack at my first party that left me crying and shaking I'm finally going to get help. It's nice to see someone that seems so social can interview at the met gala is dealing with the same thing as me. I love you!!! Sorry for my irrelevant comment.

  2. It’s just being human. This whole anxiety and depression and stuff yeah it’s life buddy we all go through it. Quit making it an excuse. Although I do understand that there is a portion of people who’s life’s are consumed by it they need professional help. For the other 70% of you suck it up we all have bad days.

  3. I’ve dealt with Depression, an Eating Disorder, Anxiety, PTSD, a Personally Disorder, and Genophobia. Pretty recently tho my depression has went way down?? I’m glad we can have this conversation!

  4. Anxiety is taking over my life… I need help I can't even order food for myself at restaurants ? I also don't call my friends anymore I only text them I don't know why this is happening I've always had social anxiety but not this bad… I'm only 16 and I just don't wanna wake up cause I know the day will be filled with panic attacks

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