Podcast #74: Is overthinking messing up your mental health?


Do you find yourself overthinking and overanalyzing every situation? Or perhaps it’s something someone said? Do you find yourself getting more and more worked up the more you overthink?

In this episode I discuss why we overthink, why it’s bad for our mental health, and how to stop overthinking and overanalyzing once and for all.

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  1. George Hoa'au says

    God bless you Dr. Leaf!

  2. Mas Modiba says

    God is using you in such an incredible way. Thank you so much for this! ❤❤❤

  3. Yelena Yashchenko says

    I love this. What stands out, is your explanation of the difference between overthinking and deep thinking. This s helpful.

  4. Lavinia Weisser says

    I wish you would come to China! You are so desperately needed here.

  5. Donie says

    lost half of my hair everything is going bad because I can’t go work the doctor want to give more medication for depression please help me I try to stop the medication but I get bad withdrawal and even with the doctor help I get them and I am 42 getting with menopause is so much things toguether a di know god can help me and I know he left you to help us on his behalf I pray to you respond god bless you. menopause is so much things toguether a di know god can help me and I know he left you to help us on his behalf I pray to you respond god bless you.

  6. Lisa Kay says

    I have been a long time over-thinker to my own detriment in relationships. I've made notes and will focus on your tips to deep think, breathe! Thank you!

  7. Vyne D'Vyne says

    My daily hope lead me to you at a critical crossroads and in His faithfulness I am alive and my mental health is gaining ground due directly to your work. I cannot clearly express my thankfulness and express here the true merciful miracle you/team were a part of.

    Eternally grateful and working daily with in the structure you have taught.

    Would love to come to the summit I am praying for the resources

  8. Stephie G. says

    Thank you! So helpful how to recognized and deal with overthinking. God bless you!

  9. Mike Trejo says

    This has helped me so much. It was a huge blessing to have heard it.

  10. Victoria D. Walker says

    Such encouragement, clarity, and my favorite part: practical applications! Thanks so much for your hard work and for sharing what you are learning with us! Very, very helpful and inspiring! I've a couple of overthinking situations at present, and it's time to do some deep thinking about them! Blessings!!!!

  11. Dr. Carolne leaf is just amazing. Learned so much from her. Can't wait to see her in Regina on 25th of April! I am so passionate about brain health and she is a pure inspiration!! Her books helped me and my mom and dad care better for our selves and our Brains!

  12. Musundiremurefu Venus says

    Powerful, thank you.

  13. MawRaw Miller says

    Yes, "Ask why questions"!✨

  14. Esperanza Espranza says

    Dr Caroline. I had a lot of inner issues I took the 21 days detox and it really helped me. I listen to you every night on YouTube. You have blessed my life for the past3 yrs. I do over think n analyze. I'm getting ready to buy your books one by one. Thank You for teaching us.

  15. Evelyn Guddat says

    Thank you Caroline … this was so helpful and very timely for me.
    Hope is a wonderful thing, life giving… and this information gives hope to me …. Thank you.
    God Bless all your endeavours for Him.

  16. Sowmya Jillela says

    Thank you Dr. Caroline leaf for sharing such important topic which I have been going through since a long time in my life. It really helped me a lot!!!

  17. Lonnie Rashid says

    Had to chuckle at your comment to “Analyze the analyzing”…I never thought about that as an over thinker.?
    Great advice to follow!!!

  18. Rudy C. Zamora says


  19. Joel says

    Excellent episode. Thank you for sharing on this! I got a lot out of it.

  20. Sheila K says

    This is a word/teaching/revolution

  21. sharpbusline says

    Hallelujah, Peace be with you, Happy Holy Week, Easter & Pesach; Thank you for all Your good works, God bless you… in Jesus name, amen. ✝???

  22. kckrye says

    I overthink everything and can feel myself get depressed in some situations

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